Jan 17, 2024 | TV Product Offer

The Spirit of the Lord spoke to Brenda Kunneman and said “Covid-19 was a direct assault on the Body of Christ and an attack on their faith.” God is reminding us that we as believers can counter the Spirit of infirmity according to scripture. The enemy is not allowed to rob us of our health – healing is ours if we will simply believe!

Pastor Brenda has made available powerful teachings that will help build your faith so that you can live in the victory of divine health and wholeness! 

For your gift of $45 or more, you’ll receive:

  • Brenda Kunneman’s 4 CD series 2023: The War on Sickness

  • Brenda Kunneman’s Audio Scripture Reading: Healing Promises

Click here to get these resources or call us at (855) 777-7907 and mention offer #2522

God desires for you to live free from sickness and disease. This is your season to receive that promise in every area of your body!