In 1984, the Lord gave Pastor Hank a unique dream. In that dream, he was given an idea for children’s cartoon characters. Upon waking, Pastor Hank began to sketch and develop the characters from his dream even further. Fast forward 30+ years and through a divine partnership with fellow Illustrator Norris Hall, an entire collection of children’s books have come to fruition that many families are enjoying today!

Through this creative partnership with Pastor Hank and Norris, God has given them a vision to produce wholesome family content that contains biblically-inspired themes and brings laughter to parents and children alike!

As part of their vision for family-focused entertainment, Pastor Hank and Norris have ventured into animation, with the first full-length motion picture now available! This new film production is centered around the comic book series titled, the Galactic Quests of Captain Zepto! Watch the trailer below for a sneak peek!

The agenda of the enemy has been working hard to destroy the traditional family structure by way of indoctrination of our children with perverse and false teachings. It’s time to take back the airwaves and bring a fresh wave of moral, family entertainment to households across the world!

You can now buy and watch this exciting first episode on our new Captain Zepto App!

Join the movement to take back family content for the kingdom! 

Check out the official Captain Zepto trailer below!