Prophecy Regarding Records Being Set!

Jan 28, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the video below! This prophetic word from January 26, 2020 gives insight into signs the Lord wants to release in order to show His goodness to His people and to the United States because of the administration’s stance of standing up for life in the womb and for standing with Israel. Signs include records being set and records being broken in the financial markets, the economy, weather and amazing signs connected to life in the womb.


The Spirit of God says you have desired in this hour to see my goodness and this is the time that I’m bringing forth goodness and extending it to my people for I have declared that this is the decade of difference that shall be marked distinctly by my goodness being extended to my people. But it is not just being extended to those who have called upon the name of the Lord, this goodness is being extended at this time to this nation the United States, and to this administration because they have stood for me, for life in the womb, and because they have stood with Israel. I have said, and I speak it again, I am making this nation great.

Therefore there shall be signs given to this nation and to the nations of the earth and those who aligned with this nation and those who align with this president. I do not just speak of nations, but I speak of the choosing of those who hear the voice that speaks to you. Align yourself and I will cause goodness and greatness to come to you and to your household. Because it is not about a man, it is about what I’m doing as I’m extending my grace and my goodness at this time. Therefore watch records shall be sent and records shall be broken. Watch United States, even your Olympics records will be set and records will be broken and this will be assigned to the nations of the earth watch your temperatures, record lows, record highs, record strength of the winds, record strength of the shaking of your soil in very unusual places. For I’m shaking everything that can be shaken to reveal the corruption, watch your economy record-breaking numbers, stocks, Dow, Naztech, gross national product, and trade worldwide shall break and set records. And this that I do shall come into your hands to prosper you to make you great says the Lord. Watch because there has been that which has defended the rights of life, I will do two outstanding things and then a third.

There shall be a record set with the amount of babies being born carried and delivered from the womb, they shall say we have never thought that the womb of a woman could carry this many children but it shall be a sign! There shall be one born, they say premature, impossible that a baby can be born at this age and live, I will astound you with this young boy. He shall be born, what they say early, but it shall be a record-breaking and record-setting and this child shall lead and watch what I do with this boy to prove even before they were in the womb I knew you. The Lord says now watch, watch what begins to take place with these signs. For I’m showing you what I am doing in this hour to release my goodness to set and to establish records, this will be the sign that I’m speaking of, that you will know at this time of what my intent is and has been for you my people, but this nation and even this administration that they’re trying to impeach, you cannot impeach and remove because there is the greatness of my agenda that stands because of the prayers of the people at this time. Watch what I do and align yourselves as the Spirit of God records being set and records being broken, and I’m bringing it to you if you will align yourself.