Watch this Prophecy Over the USA and the Nations

May 19, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Prophecy: The Extraordinary, Magnificent, Jaw-Dropping Thing God Has Planned!

Watch this prophecy below over the United States and the nations of the earth regarding what is to come, including:

  • Something historic over the summer months
  • Look to Russia
  • A sign in Australia
  • Disruption in Venezuela
  • Look to Brazil and Latin America
  • Conflict shall seek to arise in Israel
  • North Korea – Violent shaking
  • Economy in China shall shake


What does the nation look like filled with glory? What do the nations look like, filled with glory? Asks the living God. You are about to see and to behold with your own eyes and experience it with your being. For this is the hour and the time that I have chosen to show and reveal myself in a way that this earth has not seen. The enemies of darkness and those who speak on your media would desire for you to think that the very challenges, and that which has been at hand in the earth at this time, will always be how it shall be in the future. But listen carefully. What I have planned is greater than what you have faced in the beginning months of this new decade. And what I have planned is extraordinary. It’s magnificent. It is stunning. It is jaw-dropping.

And God says, it is with great light and with great force that I release my hand upon this earth, and as I do, do not be surprised at the great shakings of soil. The eruption of mountains, but the bringing forth of those who are guilty. I have given many a space to repent, but they have refused and they have hardened their hearts. I have given opportunities for others. To walk away and not involve themselves. But now the cup of their iniquity is full. And this that I have planned for this nation, the United States requires me to stand in a place now. And to establish my righteousness and to see that justice reigns. There is a freedom that is coming, and there is a persecution that will arise. And they will say, Ohh God, but why must we be persecuted? The spirit of the Lord says, because blessed are you when men revile you, speak all manner of evil against you. Great is your reward, and great is the glory. But this shall not be what shall cause the light that I’m bringing forth to the nations to be stomped out, to be put out. No, the fire shall burn bright in this time.

For in the nations that are filled with glory, look to Russia. For they shall say an unusual thing shall happen. We have not seen this in Russia, a freedom, a liberty that opens buildings. And causes the church to have an entrance, and a voice, and a sound. An expression. In Russia, that has not been seen in modern history. What shall I speak of? Australia. Oh, there shall be a great fire as that nation is filled with glory. But a fire of a different kind. As rain in the natural, shall fall and fall and fall and fall upon you Australia. And this shall be a sign, even as the dew comes in the morning. And the fog shall be a thing that shall gather the attention of the nations. What is this fog in Australia? God says, it is the density of glory in a place of the uttermost parts of the earth that the youth shall arise and shall behold the name of their God. But I shall raise up a husband, and I will raise up a wife in Australia. And they shall join hands and they shall represent a mother and father as you are led and shall be led forth into a new season, a new generation Australia of your leadership. Watch the freedoms that shall arise in your nation. In your courts, through your courts, but it shall arise in your land.

What does the nation look like filled with glory Venezuela? There is coming a great disruption. There is coming a great conflict, to oust what seeks to stay rooted. Enough. For this is the day that the Pharaohs of the Earth. Who rule harshly and with an iron fist. Shall be dealt with by the power of my might in a way that you have not seen. Do not be troubled Venezuela for your future is freedom. And your future? Shall be rich with the oil of the natural, yes, but of my spirit. And something unusual will happen between you and Brazil. Between leaders that shall cause an amazing alliance and agreement and friendship that will open the way over South America, that they will say, what is this that is happening among the Latin nations? It’s called my glory’s beginning to fill the earth in a magnificent way. But would I forget you United States as I speak?

Listen carefully for your summer months. Shall be very unusual months. The enemy shall seek to hold on. He will seek to bring frustration. But what I have planned for the earth at this time through the summer months and through your fall is to be historic. But I need something. I need the prayers of my people in a way that you’ve not prayed. The greater you pray. The more consistent you pray, the greater the acceleration and the immediate release of what must be brought to justice and what must come that shall be historic in nature. Therefore, keep your eyes upon Israel. For a conflict, shall seek to arise. That for a moment would cause those who do not understand that I have gathered the prayers of those who have prayed for the peace of Jerusalem. And so I shall uphold it. I shall surround it. I shall protect it on every side, says the spirit of God. But there is an enemy. Who hates what shall be brought forth. The expansion, the increase even of territory and borders too.

But I stand over you, apple of my eye. And I will bring to you what I have promised. And let this be a sign to the earth of what I will do. Keep your eyes upon Israel through the summer and the fall. Interesting times. Miraculous indeed. And then must I say North Korea? You are full of lies. You are full of deceit. You have hidden things. You have tried to pull the wool over the people’s eyes of the earth. This decade shall not be about your deceit. It shall be about me honoring the people. My people who are suffering and praying. And as a result. I will shake you violently. And this shaking shall be so great. Keep your eyes upon the economy of China. For you shall greatly be shaken, China. That which I desire that has been put under a bushel by the hands of men, and by ancient spirits, to be brought forth in North Korea but into you, China and all of Asia, shall rejoice in this day, says the spirit of God.