WATCH This Prophecy About Divine Reversal and Divine Reset

Mar 30, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the prophecy below!  God is moving upon the earth now.  This is not the time to be afraid! God’s mercy shall come with the manifestation of great glory, for we are in a time of divine reversal and divine reset.


The Lord asked me a question in 2016 and he said to me, What does the nation look like filled with glory? I was walking my two German shepherds. And I said, Lord, I can’t answer that question. He said, Hank most people, they don’t understand, because they’ve never seen a nation filled with glory before. But he said, this is what I’m doing and this is what’s moving towards this planet. And then he said to me he said, when glory comes he said, everything begins to change.
Matthew 17, the Transfiguration of Jesus proves that things change when glory shows up. But something also glory does when it comes, and I put this in my notes, is we are often challenged when glory shows up.

Because think about it, Pharaoh and his army were pursuing a nation or attacking a nation when the glory showed up in the pillar of cloud by day and the fire by night. And so we’re not to be moved by all of these things, so I pray for you that are watching right now, and I decree in the name of Jesus Christ that there comes a calming Spirit of the Lord God Himself that begins to manifest to the people today. And I pray and I declare Lord that this is the day that the Earth will see and know that you are the Lord and so Lord bring this decade of difference where the people will begin to understand that this is what the Lord is saying. For there is a time says the Spirit of God, that I am moving upon this earth and it is this time. And so I say to you that are wondering and expecting for there to be just calamities and shakings. Can I stand in the midst of shakings and calamity and rest my feet down upon this planet that I have created, Says the Lord? Yes, and I am for you see I loved this world that I gave my son. I love this world, I love the things that I created, but I love the people that I sent my son for.

Therefore watch what begins to take place. For there shall be a sound once again that shall rise up among the Earth, and you will see once again how music shall begin to shift and change. For this will be a precursor, this will be a sign of new sound being released. For sound always precedes the move. Watch, the Lord says, this evangelist shall arise and they shall be the least likely of those that you would think would proclaim the gospel and preach my word. Well the Lord says there will be a deep repentance that shall break forth and I will use the most unlikely ones. For there will be some who will be world leaders some will be even among the entertainment screens and in the sports too. And the Lord says because a global Awakening is taking place upon this planet that the Earth will know that I am the Lord.

Therefore watch as I caused it to rain in the natural for there should be rains of cleansing, especially in the United States in this season. And there will be winds that will blow with great force, and this will be a sign of great winds of change. And as these things begin to happen look for the weather vane is pointing in a new direction, says the Spirit of God. And it’s in the direction of the move of my hand and of my spirit. Rejoice! For this that they call a virus shall not have the last say, or shall not have its way. For I am the God who sets forth things in motion and I am resting my feet and I am striking with my hands as the Spirit of God. That this will not draw and be the attention or the center point. For you watch what shall begin to arise upon this land. For this Passover season is mine, and I as I did before I brought a public display over the enemy, against the enemy, and the risen Christ. And God says look to this time again for there will be manifestations that you will see that will be so obvious. Because the homes you’ve gathered, the stadiums have been emptied, the schools have been emptied, the workplace has been empty, the church house has been empty because God says you are in a time of divine reversal and reset like I did with Hezekiah.

I brought a divine reversal and I brought a reset, and this is my word to my people and to those in the Earth today. Get ready for what will be returning and reset. I’ll take those stadiums that are empty, I will take the schools that have been empty, I will even take the government places, that have been empty I’ll even take the workplaces, and the streets that have been empty, and I’ll fill it with my glory. And there’ll be mass gatherings of people across this nation, the United States, and the nations of the Earth. And they shall say, and you will hear them say, great is our God! And it’ll sweep across the land, and they will say out of their own mouth, Yeshua, Yeshua Jesus is Lord. This is not a time to be afraid, but it’s a time to watch and see that the Lord is good and His mercy has come at this time. And it shall be brought forth with the manifestation of great glory, says the Spirit of Grace.