Jun 27, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on June 4, 2023, where it has been prophetically declared that great shakings shall begin to arise at this time as a sign that the Spirit of God is uncovering and exposing what has been happening to the children in tunnels beneath the soil.

Watch as there will even be great shakings in places of deep waters as God is dealing with those in the deep state. Pay attention to the elements and displays in the skies as it is a sign that demonic thrones in the heavenlies are falling! 

Press for God’s righteousness and justice as this is the key to accelerate a divine reversal as He resets the earth! 


Prophetic Word spoken by Pastor Hank Kunneman June 4, 2023 Sunday 9:00AM Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE 

… We are to say, not that it is not coming, like the widow in a time of injustice of a judge who feared not God nor had regard to man. Yet her persistence and importunity caused righteousness and justice, speedily being avenged of enemies. And so God speaks to us and says, “Persist, press for my justice. Press for my righteousness to manifest. It’s the key to acceleration of being avenged speedily from your adversaries.

“Walls are coming down! Shakings have begun! Therefore, there shall be great shakings that shall arise at this time. Look to the places of these shakings,” says the Spirit of God. “For they will be in places where they say that there is not usually seismic activity or even fault lines. But this is not what I look at by way of fault lines. I look at those who are at fault and what they have done,” says the Spirit of God, “and tunnels that are under the earth, soil that has led to much regarding children that must now come to the surface and be exposed,” says the Spirit of God. “There shall be great activity upon the earth and the shakings of the soil and even in the places of deep waters. Why does the earth shake in the places of deep waters? Because there are those of the deep state that are in deep water with my justice,” says the Spirit of Grace.

“And this will be a sign unto the earth that justice and righteousness is increasing. But watch, watch for there will be great winds. There will be much activity in the atmosphere, and you will say, ‘What is this by way of winds?’, they will scream and say Cat5. But it is not my hand.” God says, “Yet there are those that must arise at that time to show the power that I have given in the earth to speak to the wind and to the sea. But yet there will be great displays of lightning. And they will say, these are but record, record, record by way of the length and the height of these bolts that shall strike and shall be displayed. And some shall not even, they will look and say, where did it strike? The displays that I show shall be my justice that is striking down the attacks, the efforts of he who sits in the high places of the earth and thinks that he can control as the prince of the power of the air. Not so, I laugh and I will show the displays of my lightning.

“But watch, there shall be shakings of the very atmosphere of the heavenlies where many demonic thrones and high places are. Listen, I will give you a sign for you will hear my voice and it will be the sound of thunder that will shake your windows, shake the very ground beneath and they will say, ‘What is this with the thunderous noise that is coming from the sky?’, God says, “listen to me. You are about to see justice and righteousness that does not just affect those of you in the earth, but that which has been in the heavens as strongholds, they are falling,” says the Living God, “that I may reset the earth and I may bring divine reversals to give the generation of the children our revolution of light!