Vision About The United States

Feb 22, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the video below as Pastor Hank describes a vision he received about Divine Reversal and Divine Reset. We are in a season when God is going to deal with fraud. Grace is coming to shatter the wicked plans of the enemy.

Hallelujah, shout grace. Shout Grace. Grace over every Mountian. Grace over the United States of America. Our Commission and I assign and release the Royal Guard of the host as a weapon. Go, Royal guard of the host, go angelic forces, be released over the land of the United States. Expose, expose, expose! Bring to justice! Release hosts and establish the order of God’s divine events. Come on, show grace. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.

But I just want to say this, something happened on March 15th, almost a year ago of 2020. And here we are a year later. And it’s amazing to me what happened that day because as I. How many remember that? It was the 1st Service where we had to stream, we didn’t have anybody in the service because they had put all these stipulations on, said you had to wear a mask and everything. We had a guest speaker that day, Mike Keys, which he’ll be here on a Wednesday night in March. And so I remember it was very early in the morning, I won’t keep you long.

And so as I was praying, I felt myself, as it would be like something or someone had grabbed the back of my head and I felt myself being lifted and I was carried in a vision. And I was looking over the Earth and I knew that what God was getting ready to show me had to do with the earth. But then it’s almost like, how many you ever look through a camera lens and something zooms in and it becomes very focused? Well, what I saw was the nation, the United States. And then I heard a voice, and it was so loud that it shook me. And I didn’t know if it was the Lord. I didn’t know if it was an Angel that was standing by me. And the word was, how do you remember this? I preached it. God said divine reversal and divine reset was coming. In other words, God said specifically. I will reverse and I will reset.

He spoke about a Hezekiah moment. He talked about how, there are come a time where art the king or the ruler at the time, who is leading would have a Hezekiah moment that they would fall sick. You remember that? And then two weeks before President Trump fell sick, I had another dream and I shared it. I said that Hezekiah moment is about to happen because God is going to deal with him. And there’s going to be something that he is going to pray and he’s going to talk to God. And if you heard from his lips. Whether you like him or not, he said out of his own mouth, I talked to God more than I. Remember that? And God said the reason why these things were allowed to happen is because God heard his prayers and grace was accessed. How many remember I preached this?

So that God can now bring the divine reset. And reversal. And you saw the scriptures. God’s going to deal with fraud. He’s going to deal with the thief. He’s going to deal harshly, and this is the season that we’re in and so we have to understand this and I want to say this last thing. Where a lot of folks are getting caught up in, is what happened in the Bible in Luke, where there was 400 dark years upon the earth. Silent years between the prophets speaking and John the Baptist being born 400 years. How many of you know it was a time of great darkness, it was the silent years. And here, there’s this prophecy that’s declared through the prophets that there would be a forerunner that would be born. And so they all conspire and begin to talk and say, what many are doing now, What? How can this be? That was the question. How can this be? What manner of child is this going to be?

Speaking about John the Baptist, and people right now they’ve attacked the prophetic word they’ve they’ve attacked a lot of things. They don’t understand that we are in transition. We’re not where we are going to be as a nation, we are not were what God has promised. He told us that there would be a plague in 2019. How many of you remember that? He told us that we would that the New Year and the decade would start off harsh, but then we’d come into what? Rest. Which I found out that Noah’s name means rest. And we’ve been talking about the days of Noah. We’re coming into rest. So how things are right now is not how they’re going to wind up. We’re in transition. John the Baptist was a child born in transition. Do you understand that? But here’s the thing, Zacharias’ father was getting ready to name it or put his interpretation on it, and God had to send an Angel and say no, this is my event, this is my doing. And what this nation and what we’re getting ready to come into that we will see in a day, in a day come on. Not man’s calendar event, God’s.

In a day he’s going to break this stuff off this land and reverse and reset. But when John the Baptist was born, this child in transition, they said what manner of child is this going to be? God had to close the mouth of the father. So he could not speak or put his touch on it. In other words, what’s coming upon this nation in transition is not the work of a man. It’s like John the Baptist wasn’t. But guess what his name was? His name was John. What does John’s name mean, does anybody know? Means grace. And so whenever you go through transition, you have to understand that there is something that is being birthed right now. May not look like it. It looks like what he prophesied through the scriptures, that the enemy has the upper hand. There’s a moment when Grace comes and it shatters everything that the wicked is doing, and I’m telling you, we are about to see a divine reversal and reset. And don’t get your eyes set on a date. You know, March 2nd, March 4th. This and that. You may be disappointed again. Because God on purpose is waiting for his time, his event, and some people checked out on January 20th, when the fake inauguration happened. And now people are about to check out in about a few days. Don’t you dare give up. Grace is being extended to us, and God is going to break the iniquity in a day. Shout in a day, come on, Pastor Brenda, in a day.