Jan 17, 2024 | Daily Decrees, Decrees For Your Family & Breakthroughs

TODAY we decree that unity and agreement reigns in our home. We prophesy that we work together in harmony in all we do. We say that the anointing of the Lord comes to bring us into one accord
and that we work as a unified family under the governance of the Word of God. We agree with God’s Word and therefore agree together on our plans, decisions, ideals, calling, and purpose. We agree on how to govern our family and manage our occupations. We agree on where to live, what to buy, when to move, and where to fellowship. We agree regarding all things that are relevant to life and godliness. We are unified in our stance that evil has no place in our lives. We are one, under the command of our Lord Jesus Christ. We break the power of all disunity, discord, and conflict, in the Name of Jesus! We speak unity, oneness, harmony, and peace. We humble ourselves under the Lord’s almighty hand and we submit ourselves to one another in the bond of peace. May a supernatural spirit of agreement reside upon us that causes us to build our lives as a strong family unit. We declare unity and agreement is among us!

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! (Psalm 133:1)

One of the most challenging things that a family or household can face is when its members are not unified in the key issues of life. When a married couple, or even families with older children still at home, find themselves going in multiple directions, it can wreak havoc. A good example is when one person feels a strong conviction about something that another doesn’t share. One person believes the family should go down a certain path and the other one isn’t convinced. In some cases, one person is serving God while their spouse or children are unbelieving. One of the primary ways to build household agreement is by focusing on the areas where agreement already exists and build upon them. Learn to emphasize the things you do agree on. Too often as people, we allow ourselves to focus on the areas where we differ, and this only serves to magnify disunity. Sure, families or married couples may not agree on every point, but the key is to make a practice of agreement. Search for agreement and look for ways to defer to the other person or people in your home in a way that values their thoughts and ideas. Learn to listen and hear the heart of each person and then begin to speak and declare unity. Believe God that your plans and ideas will be yoked together in a heavenly way and that He will cause your entire household to be on an overall path of agreement and unity.