Time of Speedy Miracles

Aug 16, 2021 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Get ready to receive what you have prayed for quickly and immediately. This is the time of speedy miracles. Watch this powerful prophetic word released by Pastor Brenda.

So even the spirit of God says, get ready to receive things in a sudden fashion, in a sudden manner. For think not because time as it would seem, was delayed in times past. Don’t think of things in terms of delay for the season shall not be delayed, says the spirit of God. The season shall be immediate, so sudden healings coming upon my people again, so get ready for those things that you thought took a long time to manifest quickly and manifest immediately. And says the Lord for there is a new grace that is coming upon my people, a new grace to stand fast in the calling, that they have been called unto. So the Lord says, watch me as I undergird you with strength. I undergird you with new power. I undergird you with health, says the Lord. For this is the time of Speedy miracles, says the Lord.