The Word Of The Lord Must Go Forth Without Censorship!

Aug 30, 2020 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

We need to support leaders who speak with God’s Biblical Voice with boldness and confidence. The Word Of The Lord must go forth without censorship and not be hindered!


I believe biblically speaking, if you look at the bible all the way through the Old Testament, but in the New Testament. The focus of the early apostles, one of their greatest levels of focus was that the word of the Lord would go forth without censorship. And right now, there is a spirit of antichrist in this world, but in our nation that is trying to censor the voice of the church, trying to close down our rights to speak up on issues. So you know, we need to get behind political leaders, preachers, those who are speaking with God’s biblical voice with boldness and confidence. We need to get behind these people and support them so that the word of the lord would not be hindered.