The Season of the Signs & New Appointments of Women for God’s Kingdom!

Jun 14, 2022 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful prophecy by Pastor Brenda Kunneman on May 13, 2022, during the Woman, You Are Anointed Conference 2022 as the Spirit of the Lord has declared that His prophetic signs and phenomenons shall increase and become more frequent as confirmation that He is descending with His hand of power like never before upon His church and His people in this season!

Watch as God declares a new appointment of women who will be raised up specifically to advance His kingdom in this timeframe! We have been appointed for such a time as this to operate boldly in the supernatural giftings of the Holy Spirit where we will witness the power of God like never before!

And so the Spirit of God would say, I have even marked a season. I have marked a time. This is a moment in history that they shall call it the season of the signs. For I shall show my signs in the heavens, and I will show my signs in the Earth. For did not my word already prophesy that the last days would be marked by signs, and yes, they shall begin to see, and they’ll declare. For even in a place where the sky turns red and they tried to hide it as a sign. God says, watch the signs in this time shall increase. The time, the signs at this time shall get more frequent. They’ll happen more often and there will be those things that science will not be able to explain.

Why? Why would I do such a thing in this time? Says the Spirit of Grace? Because the signs shall mark a moment when I am descending with my hand of power like never before upon my church, and upon my people. So, when you see the sun, when you see the wonders when you see the phenomenon in the heavens. Know this, and it shall be a season when you’ll know that this is our time. This is the time when we have been appointed and anointed to speak, to stand, to do, and the Lord says you think you have seen miracles on a great level. You think you have seen great things and God says no. I have reserved the best for last.

And yes, the world thought that they could raise up a movement of women, to defy how I have anointed women in the last day. But watch, says the Lord, as the voice of women in places of influence becomes louder. The voice of those that shall stand and watch me raise up a whole new movement. Of those that will stand for the life of the unborn. And so, God says, are you ready? Are you ready? Because I am appointing you in this hour, for there shall be a roar that will come from the mouths of women. And I will use women to declare my word. Watch new appointments and those that shall be placed on benches and seats of government, and they shall be women of God, and women that shall hold my word and plan true. For the Lord says yes, this last day’s move. I have used women in the past, but I’m going to use them at another level. So says the Lord, get ready. For you are a part of the last day’s move, the movement of women and Daughters of God. Hallelujah.