Prophecy: The Revolution of Light, God’s Purposeful Overthrow of Hell’s Agenda, and Great Shakings

Dec 28, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful, prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on December 19, 2021 regarding great shakings, the revolution of light, and 2022 the year of the Lord’s spoil! The Great Light of Truth is invading the nation of America and nations of the earth as God is bringing a reordering, a restoring, and a reversal by way of His hand!

Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman December 19, 2021

9:00AM Sunday Service

Location:  Lord of Hosts Church


Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on this earth as it is in heaven.

Therefore, a great light, as it was in the days of the announcement of the Christ, once again there is an announcement, that I speak from My throne, of a great light; and those who sit in darkness, those who are part of darkness, those who have cooperated with darkness shall see this great light. And I have declared to you before that you are in the revolution of light and I speak to you that are in fear, says the Living God, that this that I speak of, this revolution of light, is My purposeful overthrow of the darkness, the agenda, the things that they say that they shall continue to stand as they are, they shall suddenly shift.

There shall be a great shaking that is upon My hands and upon My agenda and the stomping out of My feet, says the Lord. Therefore, the earth will shake in the season that you are coming into. You say, ‘But Lord, the earth shakes anyway.’ Not the way that I will shake it, says the Living God. And there will be numbers upon the Richter scale that they will say they have not seen at this level.

Look to the places that it shall shake. And they will say, ‘What is this? We have not seen a shaking of the soil in this place recorded before. For My feet are stomping, My feet are moving, therefore that which has been seated by their own agenda and by the hands of the enemy, at My shaking they shall be taken out and removed, says the Living God!

You ask, ‘What about 2020-won [2021], I laugh at you. I laugh at you. I laugh at you that you would ask! For you have doubted My words and you have doubted Me. You have doubted My spokesmen, and they are not to be about their reputation, for those who speak as My vessels prophesying it is not about their reputation, it is about My words, My agenda. Therefore, says the Living God, you will see 2021, but you will see it in the year of spoil – 2022, the reward of the Lord.

Watch, ‘unusual’ will be what they report. ‘Unusual’ will be what they write, what they show upon the screens through the cameras. Why would this be? Because I’m coming with the movement of My feet with unusual shakings, but there will be unusual temperatures. As I have prophesied before, the season you are in look for ME – mild and extreme – ME. And these will mark the season that men who have been in fear, those who have mocked and those who have given up will see that I have not given up. Therefore, look for ME, mild – extreme. ‘Unusual’, as I am stomping My feet I am bringing a reordering and a reset of My feet and My hands and a reversal to bring a rebirthing upon this land that you will experience the great light of an awakening where those who sit in darkness shall see the light of their salvation, but they will see the light of truth as 2022 shall reveal truth in a way that you have not seen before and truth shall be upheld and truth shall be that which brings consequences; and righteousness and justice shall prevail.


Let Thy Kingdom come on earth, upon this nation as it is in heaven it is now! I stand as the vessel for the Living God who shall not be contested or challenged for His words. But what we say is the agreement of the voice of God himself, therefore it is so.

I feel God is literally moving His feet. Shakings and putting out hell’s agenda and their fires.