Jan 17, 2024 | Daily Decrees, Decrees Just for Kids

I decree today that I trust in the Lord who helps me with everything.
I don’t have to worry or be fearful of anything.
I am confident God is always by my side.
He is working out everything in my life and helping me get through difficult situations.
He is helping me with every problem.
He helps me at school and at home.
I reject any feelings that I am alone or without help!
I say that I don’t have to worry about what people do or say because God takes care of me! God is always on my side and is fighting for me!
I declare the Lord is my helper! Amen!

So we can say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?”
(Hebrews 13:6)

Sometimes when we face challenges or have to deal with people who aren’t kind to us, it’s tempting to think we are alone. This is what the devil wants us to believe. He wants us to think everyone is against us and we have no one to help us handle hard times. Perhaps there are times when you are at school and away from your parents and it seems that no one understands you or cares about what you are going through. Maybe you feel like you are struggling to find faithful friends. Sometimes working on hard subjects at school or passing tests can make us feel helpless too! But remember, God is always there, and you can trust that He is helping you. It’s important to make sure we think about that regularly during the day. We need to remind ourselves that He
is helping us by saying so. So next time you get ready to take a test or have to deal with someone who isn’t being nice, think about God standing by you. By speaking the declaration above, we can gain the confidence that we have God’s help beside us all the time. Keep saying, “The Lord is my helper!”