PROPHECY: “Do You Hear the Sound of Sudden Change?” Says the Spirit of God

Dec 7, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on Sunday, November 27, 2022 where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that we are in a prophetic season of sudden and SWIFT change! Pay close attention to the weather elements and their abundance which shall be signs of the hand of God bringing about change. Watch as these divine changes affect governments of the earth and major court rulings.

We are in the hour where God is turning America and the nations of the earth around for His GOOD! Continue to stand in agreement and decree sudden and swift change come in Jesus’ name!


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman November 27, 2022 9:00AM Sunday Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE


And so the Spirit of the Lord declares, “as in the days when Elijah spoke and he said, ‘I hear, I hear’, something that was not understood or heard at the time until he spoke it because it was already beginning to manifest. And so I say to you, there are things that are moving swirling and coming fast that you may not see. You may not even know that it is happening or that it’s on its way,” but the spirit of God says, “Elijah declared, ‘I hear a sound of an abundance of rain.’

And so listen to me as I speak to you at this time. Do you hear the sound of swift change? Do you hear the sound of sudden change? Do you hear and know that there is not just rain,” but God says, listen, “I speak and I declare the word abundance for in a time when the enemy would desire to choke you, to bring you into fear because of inflation,” God says, watch my inflation. Watch my abundance. Watch my increase that shall flattened his inflation and what the enemy has thought to cripple this nation and your economy and your finances. For I’m gonna raise up something and I will bring signs in this day for the signs shall be, listen very closely, for there shall be change, change, change in your elements. It shall be where there has been drought there will be sudden rain and there shall be an abundance of rain and it shall rain and rain and rain and rain and rain and rain. There shall be the rising of waters and there shall be floods. You say, ‘Oh God, no.’

Listen to me. Can it flood in places where they will say, ‘We do not understand why it is flooding here, but it has reached the fields. It has reached the highways, it has reached the byways, but it has stopped just before it has reached the town.’ This will be but a sign that my hand is saying to the earth that I am the Lord. It is a sign when you begin to see,” God says, record numbers. It shall not be measured in inches, but it shall be measured in feet, feet, feet of snow. And you will say, ‘What is this that is happening? For they are not speaking inches. They are declaring feet. Has the earth gone mad? Has global warming changed the atmosphere? Has the earth shifted on its axis and caused these strange things?’”

God says, “when you see the size of what shall come by inches and feet, and when you see the abundance of rain, and then there shall be a strange thing that shall disrupt communications and they will say, ‘What is the sound?’ It is the sound of my hand bringing about the change. Swift changes that will begin to affect even the governments of the earth. It shall affect Brazil, it shall affect Bolivia, it shall affect Peru, it shall affect Mexico. United States, you are on my list, Canada, Australia; and watch what I do to shift Ukraine and bring things to a halt. This is the hour of swift change,” says the Spirit of God.

“Therefore, watch, for I am the God of the supreme and I will do supreme things. But one of the things you will see is supreme justice that shall come in places where they have lied, where they have stolen, where there has been fraud, where there have been treasonous acts.” God says, “enough of this, for I am a righteous judge, and so I ask you a question. Men are crying out saying, ‘Repent America.’ But my question to you, says the Lord, the righteous judge, shall I deliver this nation by many or by a few? Can I tell you it’s already happening by the hands of a few that I am turning this country around for your good. And you will see it and it shall be in swift changes, sudden changes, and it shall be in the signs from inches to feet, from drought to abundance of rain, from where there has been stillness of waters to flood. These will be my signs to reveal what I’m doing in this time,” says the Living God.

“Watch your court as I do a supreme thing, I’m gonna shake, rattle and roll through the Supreme Court and there’s gonna be rulings that are gonna be shocking in a good way. And there’s gonna be rulings that are gonna cause your head to tilt and there’s gonna be rulings that are gonna reverse. And there’s rulings that are gonna bring swift change, sudden changes to bring sanity back where there has been insanity,” says the Living God of the supreme.

Lord, I don’t want to say that. I just heard the Lord say to me that:

“I have sent my hosts into the earth at this time, that it will be as in the times when King Uzziah died, when Herod was struck by the angel and was no more, and the worms ate his body.” God says, “watch the political scene. Watch the world scene for there are angels under my command now that shall strike down those who have been haughty, those who have raised themselves up by their own pride. You will say this is the year as you behold the year that is upon you and coming. Like in the year that King Uzziah died, you will say the angel of the Lord has come and wielded his sword and they have been removed. They are no more. And some it shall be reported, they have died. But there is a protection and there is life that I’m giving to those who have stood in this time. There’s a preservation for their perseverance.”