Prophecies About the Sign of Snow

Feb 16, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Carefully read these prophecies below about the sign of snow. Rejoice because God has not forsaken you or the United States. 


Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, January 24, 2021
Watch as My fist has been raised up over this nation, that the injustice and the evil that they say shall stand, I will smack down and I will strip what they think shall stand. I have the wind in my fists. Pay attention to the winds. Keep your eyes upon the shores of the east. Keep your eyes upon the cities of the east, even around your capital. For great-force winds shall come and snow shall fall. For I dealt, as My Scripture declares in the Book of Psalms, I dealt with wicked kings while it was snowing in Salmon. Pay attention – I will show you once again where the snow falls. Pay attention to your capital. Pay attention to those places upon the east, that I am in fact dealing with injustice. Pay attention, for it snows and it shall mark a cleansing. I have heard the sounds of the cries of My children. I heard them, and I had those prayers brought before My Throne. And (they filled) the bowls, the prayers of the saints for you, United States. And they are being poured out and you will see it. I have not forsaken you; I have not forsaken this nation. Stand! You will see the salvation of your God.


Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, August 30, 2020
I say this because the coolness that shall come – I will even mess with the elements that I created, for I am the God of the rain, I am the God of the lightning, I am the God of the thunder, I am the God of the wind, I am the God of the soil, I am the God of the ice, and I am God of the snow, and I am God of the blizzards, blizzards, blizzards, blizzards. And I shall freeze and interrupt what shall seek to interrupt your celebration. And I will interrupt the heats and the rage of the streets. Oh yeah, I will use the elements so that they cannot gather. Watch what I do, says the Lord, as I release My laughter and I will show the earth – yet, be still and know that I am God. It is because I’m quieting it, but I’m not quiet, nor shall I be quiet. For you shall see that I have picked a fight and I never pick a fight that I know that I cannot win. For I always win, and I shall win, and I have picked this fight and celebration and victory is yours, says the Living God. 2021-WON! REJOICE! Lift up your voice, says the Living God.


Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, September 21, 2019
Watch what I do to get the attention of this land. There shall be a harshness in snow, in ice, in rain, harsh winds, strange, strange, strange winds! Strange cloud formations and strange sounds. Do not be moved and fooled for when I spoke a word, let us go to the other side, the wind became harsh and the enemy sought to respond and to stop because a region would be opened and people would be set free and awakened.