The Voice of a Future Generation Preserved!

Jun 24, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives


Before I formed you in the womb I knew [and] approved of you [as My chosen instrument], and before you were born I separated and set you apart, consecrating you;”

JOB 33:4 [KJV]

“The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.”


“But Jesus called them [the parents] to Him, saying, Allow the little children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for to such [as these] belongs the Kingdom of God”


“We hold these Truths to be self-evident that ALL Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..”


Life. Liberty. The pursuit of eternal joy through the Kingdom of God. All of these unalienable rights are carefully, and divinely crafted within God’s purpose and will for each and every one of us well before we are formed in the womb. We are marked for a specific assignment for a specific season and God desires for us to fulfill that call. He makes it very clear that every life is sacred and valued without measure!

The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade marks a significant shift not only in the political landscape of this nation coming back to its intended constitutional framework, but also represents a transition into the New Era that the Lord has promised. 

The Spirit of the Lord has prophetically spoken at length concerning the New Era through this ministry. God has said that in this New Era, there is an anointing of preservation reserved for the future generation and a dedication to the children!

In this season we will see a “Put It Back” movement where laws will be overturned to restore rightness and righteousness [including abortion], prayer invited back into the schools, perverted curriculums abandoned, child actors and celebrities serving the Lord, and mass gatherings of the youth worshipping Jesus publicly to still and silence the avenger!

As you read the prophecies below concerning the Supreme Court, Roe vs. Wade, and the rise of a future generation, rejoice and rejoice frequently as the hand of God is moving swiftly against the enemy! As you celebrate this monumental victory, continue to press into the Spirit of the Lord because it is your prayers that will continue to cause the glory of God to restore this land!























“Watch how I the Supreme God shall irritate the Supreme Court.  Do not think that it is political success that has caused things to be where it is now, it is My restraint.  I will have the last say.  America, you have entered into a season of Me being your positive irritant.  Watch how suddenly things shall change and nothing will stop My hand.”

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy Excerpt (Sept 15, 2016)





“Your Supreme Court will change for I am the Supreme Judge.” God says, “watch for I will raise up, when there is a vacancy of two and then three,” the Spirit of Grace says, “there shall be a woman that I shall place there at the helm and this shall be a compassionate woman,” says the Lord, “and it shall be her compassion for the right for the unborn to live that shall overturn and topple the laws that have aborted the innocent. What does a nation look like filled with glory? Can you see it? Can you see it,” says the Lord?

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy Excerpt (Oct 26, 2016)




“Let Me say this to you,” says the Lord, “your Supreme Court, there has been fraud, there has been scandal in secret, and there have been those who have not sought righteousness and justice accurately, and listen to those with an agenda of their own.  You have entered into a season very quickly where your courts will be greatly shaken and there shall be an embarrassment and there shall be an exposure upon your courts, and there will be those who will not hold their seats any longer.  And there shall come a visitation of My hand upon your courts, some of your judges shall profoundly call upon Me and they shall not seek justice and righteousness of their own accord, they will say, ‘We must seek the One and rule according to the One who is the Lord and Judge of all.’ And so great reforms will take place and great rulings shall come that shall break the demise and the strongholds that satan has placed upon your children, upon your marriages, upon your finances, upon your freedom, upon My Word and your Constitution!  This shall begin to change,” says the Spirit of God. “Why?  Because you have asked for My Spirit to come and I am coming to wreak havoc to that which needs to be shaken, and to establish and set in order and to bring Shalom that My Kingdom rules and stands in your land.”

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy Excerpt (August 13, 2017)




“For watch even as there shall be gatherings concerning your Supreme Court.  Yet I, the Lord God of Hosts, stand in a place of the highest authority than any natural court that has ever existed or exists; therefore the courts of heaven have ruled My rule that My will shall be established upon the courts of this land.  I will continue to bring judges to this land as the first: righteousness, justice is being ruled upon and decreed it shall be now upon your courts and upon this land,” says the Lord, “therefore, there shall come another removal.  A woman removed.  But watch when, when, when, when a woman arises it shall be the answer to the children who had no voice.  It will be an answer to the children who never breathed a breath outside of the womb of their mothers.  I will raise up a woman of compassion in this land that will reverse the laws that have been upon this land and that’s why there shall be a great fight in your courts, even currently.  But it will not stop Me, for I have heard the cries of the innocent, but I’ve heard the cries of the remnant who have said, ‘We’ve had enough of this.’ 

“Righteousness, justice shall be established now,” says God. “Watch what happens as your courts shift.  I have said to you before, rulings of 6-3, 7-2, 8-1.  Do not fear, for watch out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, have I not declared, I’ve ordained perfect praise to still the avenger, their voices have not been in vain, those who never had a chance to speak upon this land, but oh they speak. 

“Now watch the generation of the young that shall arise, who live and walk upon this nation, under new court,  new laws; and I will still the avenger that has robbed and stolen and destroyed and divided this land.  I will bring signs and I will bring great wonders, even into elementary schools that will astound the media and the school system when visitations shall come to them and great leaders among the young shall arise with such boldness, authority, and wisdom.  Their voices will not be silent.

“Watch as I rule and I give you a woman.  It shall be that I have ruled for the young and for the innocent.  For it’s a new season and it’s a new day,” says the Lord, “for I am the way maker and I am making this way now.”

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy Excerpt (Sept 2, 2018)




“..For the enemy has thought through the massacres in the womb, through abortion, that he could stop the destiny for the future generation.  But listen to Me,” says the Lord, “the light that is coming is causing a dissatisfaction, an outrage; and they will say, ‘Enough of the murdering of children in this land!’”

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy (March 3, 2019)





“Do you see the new that I am raising up?  For the generation that never had a chance to live outside of the womb, this too shall be new,” says the Lord, “where it shall be outlawed in your land to abort a child. Do you hear the sound of a new heartbeat?  Do you hear the sound of a new heartbeat? Watch as there shall be that which they call a heartbeat bill that shall make its way to the Supreme Court and it shall be used in the right time as I stack the courts in My favor that I will get My agenda of the new done in the new era that is upon you,” says the Lord.

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy Excerpt (April 19, 2019)




“Therefore set your eyes upon the one that I have chosen at this time to fill the seat – for when this happens, yes, when this happens” –God says, “it shall represent not only a compassion that shall come from a woman but the compassion of God through the Supreme Court that shall bring supreme rulings that are influenced by the Lord God of righteousness, the Lord God of justice – and it shall represent the shift that shall begin to come upon this decade – that you will celebrate and say ‘truly it is the decade of difference!– a shift has begun and God’s power has prevailed and shall prevail.'”

  • Pastor Hank Kunneman Prophecy Excerpt (Sept. 20, 2020)





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