Aug 8, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on May 28, 2023, as the Spirit of God has declared that the coming revolution of light by the hand of God will manifest medical breakthroughs and discoveries to heal the people of various diseases and conditions!

Watch as there will be great displays of lightning in the air as a sign that the King of Kings is striking down the wickedness, darkness, and perversion that have tried to grip this generation. 

It has been declared that this is the time of the “Great Fall” and with the “Great Fall” shall come the striking of God’s hand of justice against the enemy!


Prophetic word spoken by Pastor Hank Kunneman May 28, 2023, Sunday 9:00AM Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

The Spirit of God says, “When the earth was dark without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, what did I do? As the Spirit of God hovered over the earth, over the places of the deep I spoke and yet I speak again. I spoke, let there be light, and this light that I spoke is still moving. It is still moving. Yes, for it carries the sound of my breath. And I spoke and I said unto this generation and unto this decade, that you are in a revolution of light, which is my purposeful overthrow, but it is more than that,” says the Spirit of God.

“Do you understand that when I spoke with my very breath, let there be light, the earth responded, hell shakes. And yet there is a creative redemptive mystery. For you will see in this revolution of light, that light shall bring forth a reaction that will bring many blessings to those who suffer. Yes, in this earth for when light was spoken from the very beginning, earth began to come into creation, into manifestation. Why do I speak this? Because you will see medical breakthroughs that shall come as a result of the discovery of the power of light. And this light shall even cause the very veins of the human body to be cleared from plaque. And you will see, where they will say: we used to do surgery, bypass of the heart this way and that way. But the simplicity of light shall recharge the heart and cause it to be revived, that the veins and the arteries shall be clear and reconstructed. And cells that are cancerous shall respond as they will be overcome and rejuvenated by light.

And let me speak this, what Satan desired even in a vaccination to spike protein,” God says, “I will use light to reverse and neutralize the effects of what meant to be as a snare and a snake bite to a people, to neutralize its effects.

This is not all. The disciples came and said: ‘Do you not understand? The enemy is subject to us in thy name,’ and yet the risen Christ proclaimed and said, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning.’ And so, I will show my light not just in medical discoveries, but in the strikes of my hand.” And God says, “I’m going to strike hard. I’m going to strike fast and I’m going to strike viciously and with vengeance.

And there will be natural signs of great displays of lightning that will be reported. The magnitude, the width, the widths, the widths, and the length of the lightning displays. But oh, the sound of thunder it shall be my voice and I will strike down the wickedness, the darkness, the perversion that has been upon this generation. And I’ve told you before, with this light that is moving, it will bring a sexual revolution in reverse,” says the Lord.

“And there is coming a censorship that my light brings, that they will say: we must have a censorship that protects the innocent and protects the children.” And God says, “There will be vetting, and things outlawed in this revolution of light. You will see it. They will say, cat five, cat five, Move away vacate. This is not of me. This is not mine. This is not my hand. My hand seeks to move through the power of those, the children of light. You. You are the ones. Do I need an election? Do I need the armory of man? Do I need your votes? I need the armor, the children of light to gather in this time,” says the Spirit of God, “to stand against that which the enemy would desire to counter at this time.

But my light through my people shall strike down many attempts, as I’ve said to you before that you are in the fall. You say, ‘Oh God, but we are in the spring months.’ Because you do not understand the season of my timing, my events,” says the Spirit of God. “This is the time of the great fall and with the great fall shall come the striking of my hand and the displays of lightning.

But then you shall see the reset and the reversal, even light that will come to give energy to your vehicles, to your homes. No, I do not speak of solar. Watch and see as light, lightnings shall be the talk of your newspapers. And when you see this, rejoice because light always overcomes the darkness,” says the Living God.

The Lord just said something to me. He said one of the signs of what He speaks of and the way that this light will move is through sound frequency. That’s very key: frequency and light; and God says with the sound of his voice, this, that heaven speaks of at this time, light be!