Recent Prophecies Regarding Our Nation

Feb 5, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman: December 1, 2020 Betrayal, Calendar Dates

There shall come a great betrayal and it will not just be one betrayal, but there shall come many betrayals, because My hand is extending toward this nation in great grace, great power, but great fear shall fall upon this nation in the coming days. Therefore, says the Spirit of Grace, the Spirit who carries power, and the Spirit who shall bring forth great fear and conviction, do not pay attention to the news, to the headlines, to the reports, to the movements even of those who have said “we have won.” Do not pay attention even to the electoral calendar, the certification dates, or even to the inauguration date, for I am not paying attention to the dates of man’s calendar. I am choosing My event. I have chosen My act, and you will see it, says the Lord, and it will be in My perfect timing. Therefore, stay firm, stay strong, and fear not. You will see My hand and My wind and my fists and you will hear the movement of My feet as I shake, shake, shake, and expose and bring to justice those and that which must be held accountable in this time, says the Lord.


Prophecy: Pastor Hank Kunneman, January 24, 2021 – snow, capital, cleansing

And then watch as My fist has been raised up over this nation, that the injustice and the evil that they say shall stand, I will smack down and I will strip what they think shall stand. I have the wind in my fists. Pay attention to the winds. Keep your eyes upon the shores of the east. Keep your eyes upon the cities of the east, even around your capital. For great-force winds shall come and snow shall fall. For I dealt, as My Scripture declares in the Book of Psalms, I dealt with wicked kings while it was snowing in Zalmon. Pay attention – I will show you once again where the snow falls. Pay attention to your capital. Pay attention to those places upon the east, that I am in fact dealing with injustice. Pay attention, for it snows and it shall mark a cleansing. I have heard the sounds of the cries of My children. I heard them, and I had those prayers brought before My Throne. And (they filled) the bowls, the prayers of the saints for you, United States. And they are being poured out and you will see it. I have not forsaken you; I have not forsaken this nation. Stand! You will see the salvation of your God.


Prophecy: Pastor Hank Kunneman, December 6, 2020
They have mocked My prophets. They have accused My prophets falsely. And yet they side with the false narratives that are being spoken and the agendas of your media. And yet I stand in the heavens, the Spirit of truth who prevails over every lie. And I laugh. I remind you of the day, says the Spirit of God, when My prophet, the prophet Elijah, stood with My word in his mouth and My fire in his spirit. And he stood to declare My words upon a place of Mt. Carmel. And yet what did He speak by inspiration of My Spirit? For there was a showdown, and his words were this to those who were spreading lies throughout the land, and so I say this to those who are spreading lies. The prophet spoke and said “where is your god? Has he gone to relieve himself?” And there was mocking form the mouth of a true prophet. And I say this because the Lord of the heavens mocks at the attempts and agenda to think that fraud shall steal My nation from My hands. For this is not fraud, it is crime. And it is time for righteousness to reign upon your land and truth to prevail, says the Spirit of God. Therefore, I am not paying attention to your electoral calendars, certification calendars and timelines, nor am I even considering January dates. I have considered My time and it shall stand.


Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, December 27, 2020 – harshness & disease removed; time of mercy, rest
Therefore, watch very closely because as My goodness passes, there will be shakings. Your calendar dates shall be shaken; what you predict will happen shall be different than what you think and what they say. As My goodness passes, so My judgment comes. And I will judge those who’ve opposed, who have pushed for their agenda, who have corroborated with the agenda of the forces of darkness that has not been the work of My hands. Therefore, My judgment shall come. PRAY, says the Lord, that I will not have to send My sword through the hosts as it was in the days of Herod when he stood to oppose, and yet he was taken out.

This is the time of My mercy. This is the time that mercy is being extended to triumph over judgment. But judgment shall come to those who refuse My hand of mercy and to concede. Watch and see; taste and see that the Lord is good. But listen carefully – it shall come, that which is from the east, to try to touch your water, to touch your food. But I say to you, listen carefully, the harshness of this season is being broken – and I will bless your bread; I will bless your water, America. And I will remove this sickness and I will remove the diseases away from you that [have] plagued you. And I will bring to you the season that I’ve promised, of My rest.

Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, August 16, 2020 – Enemy Overplayed his hand
And as I look, Father, upon the earth as a watchman, I see much, my Father, of the enemy’s plot, the enemy’s plan, the enemy’s agenda. And so I see, my Father, what he thinks that he can accomplish. And yet he shall overplay his hand. And he comes in this time to do what is his nature (to do): to steal, to kill, and to destroy. And this is what he desires to bring between now and the end of your year. And to disrupt, to divert, to deceive, even concerning your election, United States – to kill, to steal, to destroy, to bring diversion, delay, deception, through chaos of a planned thing that shall shift and reshape even things as they look now. But he has overplayed his hand in this time.
Do you think for a moment that he will unseat what I have planned? Do you think for a moment, as the heathens rage, and violence has filled the cities of your nation, that this is your future? The Spirit of God says, this is NOT what I have planned. For there is something that exists that hell is afraid of and it is what shall cause things to come into a place of law and order or righteousness and justice. It is the power of My people who have prayed; they have sought My face, and there has been a cry out from the remnant who have said “God, heal our land!”

And so I have waited. In the time that you are in now, it was as the commission was given to the prophet Jeremiah – set over the nations to root out, to destroy, to overthrow, to tear down – and this is what the season is, of what has already existed. Yet the prophet was commissioned to also build and plant. And even though there shall be that which shall come to steal, kill, and destroy, and bring chaos and diversion – My plan that has been prayed for, and continues to be prayed for by My Church, that the gates of hell will not prevail – shall pull this nation through the election and after, that the building and the planting season to raise up this nation as I have promised, shall continue, says the Spirit of the Living God.