Prophetic Word: The Righteous Judge has come!

Jan 20, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives, Uncategorized

Watch this powerful prophetic moment from Pastor Hank Kunneman on January 16, 2022. The Spirit of the Lord has declared that now is the time that He will act! Justice will reign throughout the earth and great change is upon the people and the nations of the earth!

Oh God. You have spoken in the Earth. And you have said much, not only by your written word, but you have said much by your prophets. And yet, why do the people mock them? Why do they? Shake their fist as if to think that they have lied. Yet your heart deserves a voice in the Earth. Your heart deserves those who will speak. May your voice be heard louder, stronger. As your heart is conveyed to the people of this Earth through the mouths of your prophets, your servants of God, your friends. And may they see that the Lord God of hosts walks among the Earth at this time. And the Kings and the rulers of the lands shall be brought before him. Who can judge those who think that they have inherited power? No man can judge as great as the royal one who is seated upon the throne that the very enemies of thy footstool. You alone are the righteous judge and you have come to judge at this time you have come to show your righteousness and declare your justice.

And all that men may fear the Lord. That men may understand that the mouth of the Lord has truly spoken. Who shall fear? For I stand with that God, I surrender to that God, the God who has spoken. And yet it looks as though the opposite, where we stand with what you have said. We refuse to bow and to cave into those who say, you lie and you lie. You are the God of all truth and may your truth reign, may your truths. May your truth come forth as lightning that shatters the darkness that releases the sound of your hardest Thunder. And as your wind brings forth change. As the waters arise with great force. Who can resist the power of thy hands?

Now is the time. For the Lord, the King who is remembered. To act, do it now. Do it now. As justice reigns throughout the Earth. As things break through, break loose, unravel. Great changes. They are upon the people. Upon the nations, why do men fear God? Do they not see? Do they not see what you have spoken? The evidence is not the mark of the beast. The evidence is not the tribulation. The evidence is that the spirit of God remains in the Earth. And he is the restraining force who should restrain the deeds of darkness. But he is also the Spirit of truth. And Ohh shall he? And is he? Showing evil doers. Liars. Fraud. The way of truth. Why do they take their life? Why do suicides? Written upon the papers of the of the land. Because the spirit of truth has come to them many times, but they refuse to tell the truth and to say what really happened. And so they take their life.

God of mercy. There is much fear of those who’ve been vaccinated, those who’ve been boosted, those who say I will not be vaccinated. I will not be boosted. And yet they planned and have planned much evil for the people of this land and this planet. But who can stand against the God who reigns his love, his mercy upon the just and the unjust? Who can stand against the great I Am? Therefore, as my hands stretched now, your hand stretches your mercy upon the vaccinated. Your mercy upon the boosted, your mercy upon those who do not get vaccinated. Your mercy upon the afflicted, your mercy upon the sick. Those who they seek to make sick, God break its power. And like the Egyptian soldiers, who had their Chariots and their horsemen, and they rode within the sea, and they had their weapons drawn to think that they could kill, steal, and destroy, and forever change the destiny of a nation. Yet I ask God, who stripped them of their weapons? It was you. Those weapons and their agenda and their bodies laid for all to see. This will happen again. But a nation was saved that day.

And so I hear your heart. This is your promise unto us. And we will not grieve you. To think, to speak, or consider anything less, We worship you. We bow our face to let hell know we belong to you, God. We bow our face to let you know our Father, we serve you and you only. Such intensity is coming upon the Earth. And the Earth shall respond. And yet men will fear. But Lord, you are acting.