Prophetic Prayer Over The USA, Our Leaders and the Election

Jul 5, 2020 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this Prophetic Prayer Over The USA, Our Leaders and the Election!


Father, we come to you in the remaining moments that we are here, those of you that are watching. Father, we pray. First of all, for those that are in seats of authority, Father, we pray for our President and our Vice President. Father, we are asking, over our President and Vice President that you will surround them, Father God with godly counsel. Godly wisdom. We pray Father, for our president, our vice president. That father not only were you surrounded with godly counsel and godly wisdom, but father, we pray. That you would keep touching their hearts. That there would come a bowing of their knee privately, a humbling of themselves under the mighty Hand of God. So that Lord, you can have permission. To raise up your agenda through them. And they’ll do it with humility. They’ll do it in the right spirit. They’ll do it with the right spirit. Father, I pray that you would place upon the hearts of our leaders right now. The wisdom of God. To unify this nation. And we pray. We pray for this nation. We pray for the United States. God shed your Grace upon this great land. We are crying out for your mercy. Oh, God. Greater than we’ve ever cried out, we’re crying out. For your mercy.

God, we’re crying out for you to intervene. Father, we are crying out that the door of the gospel shall remain open. So that Lord we, we, we can continue to give Jesus the harvest that he paid for. Father, I pray over this election that all deceit, delay, diversion would be stopped. Exposed. Let us have a fair election. Let the spirit of truth reside over this election, but we are asking God. Let righteousness be seated. Give us Father, that which will continue to give religious liberty and freedom, Father to your people, to your church. Give us a friend continually and those are elected officials who will fight for the right for children to be protected in the womb, inside and out. Give us leaders that will bless Israel and bless your church.

Father, we’re asking you to mobilize your people. That there would be the fear of God and the conviction of the precious Holy Spirit, that they will say we must we must stand for what our king stands for. Mobilize your church, remove blinders, remove deception. And may there come the spirit of truth. Not my agenda, not my will, but your will God, is what we ask. Mobilize your church to Vote. Cause your church to begin to join hands, people of all different colors, all different races. Let us be the example of love and of unity and racial harmonicity. Oh Father, move upon this great land once again. Let us not miss this store of opportunity. Let us not close the window of your mercy and compassion that’s been extended to us. Brenda, I want you to close us in Prayer.

Let’s just pray and so that we also pray for every pastor, every leader. Father, we pray, even as the early apostles. Grab thy servants. Boldness that with all boldness, they will speak your word. Stand for truth, stand for righteousness. We ask, Lord, that you would enlighten the eyes of the understanding of every leader. Father, Believers, congregations all across this great nation. We ask that you would open our eyes to see the truth. We pray, Lord, that you would frustrate the mouth of the deceptive media that would spread lies, that would spread mistruths, that would send forth information that is false. Father, we pray that you would frustrate their purpose. Father, I ask in the name of the Lord, in agreement with all those in this room and those that are watching, we ask you, Lord God, you said that if two or three of you on Earth would agree, as is touching any one thing, it will be done. By the Father, which is in heaven. So we ask you, Father, to stop the mouth of the liar, to stop the mouth of the accuser, to stop the mouth of the false witness.

We pray in Jesus’ name that you will begin to, Lord, expose every lie. Expose those that would spread lies, expose those that would plan deception in covert places. We ask you Heavenly Father, to rip back the veil and expose the wickedness, and let it be laid bare before the people. I asked, Lord that you would empower your church and that you would raise up the sleeping giant once again. Father, we know from the scriptures, that the word of God reminds us that you didn’t always listen to the mass, but you listen to the remnant of your people. They ask Lord that the remnant of your people would begin to rise up in this nation and stand for truth, stand for your Kingdom, stand for the word of God. Pray Lord, that you would open our eyes. That we would have understanding. Grant wisdom to every leader, every pastor. Father, I thank you, Lord, in Jesus name. And I ask if our Heavenly Father to draw a bloodline around your people, that they would be protected in this hour, and even as it was in the book of Acts where the church was persecuted, you gave great grace. You gave great grace.

We ask your Father for great grace to be upon your people. In all 50 states let great grace come upon us a fresh Heavenly Father, and I pray in Jesus’ name, the Father that I’m asking you to Commission your angelic. Horses according to Hebrews chapter one, that says that the Angels have been commissioned as servants for those that are heirs of salvation. We ask Lord that you would Commission your warring angels to fight on behalf of your people, that the demons of darkness and those in wicked places in the heavenly, would be torn down. Father, we pray that abortion would be overturned in this nation. We pray that prayer would come back to schools in this nation. We pray the churches would be full again in this nation. We ask you, Heavenly Father, right now that your glory would flood this nation, would hover over the election. Would hover over the White House, would hover over Washington DC. We ask you, Lord, let your glory as you promise flood the Earth and the waters flood the sea. In the name of Jesus. Come on, church, let’s begin to pray for a few moments in the Holy Ghost. Come on, begin to lift your voice and play in the spirit.

Heavenly Father break the veil for the wickedness. Break the bands of evil. Break the bands of the deceiver. And Father will even agree, as the apostle Paul said, that we, your people would be delivered from wicked and unreasonable men. Father, there are a lot of people out there right now placing unreasonable restrictions upon the church. Deliver us God, deliver us God, deliver us God, deliver us God, deliver us. Come on, Thank God. Deliver us. God deliver us. God deliver us. Deliver your people. Deliver your people. Deliver your church, let the world and the Lord have free course in the United States of America, we push back the darkness we prophesied to the heavens. We prophecy in Jesus’ name. Come on, shout, shout, shout.