Prophetic Prayer for the Nation

Sep 2, 2021 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Enter into divine agreement as Pastor Brenda prays over our nation! The shift is coming! Watch now.

There’s an army in this building tonight and I believe God did not gather us in the center of this nation without a divine purpose. We are gathered here in the middle of the United States for a reason, because there is a shift taking place in this station. And I believe right now as we lift our voice, something is moving, something is cracking. Come on everybody in this room, the Chapel, those of you in the Connect center, let’s lift our voices loud in other tongues, we’ll begin to pray in the holy ghost.

Lift your voice. Pray like you’re life depended on it. Come on, make war in the realm of the Spirit. Come on, we make a way, we make a pathway in the Spirit. Come on prayer warriors, press! Press! Press! Press! We pray out. We pray for prophetic processes of God. Come on, Chapel. Make some noise in the spirit. Everybody in the connect center, make noise in the spirit.

Just like it was when they marched the walls of Jericho. When they lifted up the sound in one accord. Now Lord, in the name of Jesus. We stand in this, under this roof. And everybody online that is connecting tonight. And we stand in a place of divine agreement. Father, we’re not coming off of our faith. No, no, no, no, no. We’re standing in a place of divine agreement. That what you have spoken about this nation, what you have spoken about this era, what you have spoken about this decade, and what you have declared regarding the great last day’s harvest, we stand in agreement. That the purposes, the plans, the divine will of God shall be established, and we serve notice on the Kingdom of Darkness. And we remind you that we stand backed by God almighty. We stand backed by the Heavenly Host, and we remind the devil, and the Princes, and the powers that would try to take this nation, we serve notice that you are arrested, you are arrested in the name of Jesus, and we shout to you NO! Come on shout No to the devil!