Prophetic Prayer: Angelic Reinforcement For Family Members

Aug 18, 2020 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Angelic Reinforcement Is Being Sent Forth For Family Members! Heavy protection and wholeness rest upon every loved one.


There are some family members you’re very, very worried about and I just feel like the Lord just spoke to my heart and said, “Commission, angels to be released for family members.” So right now I Commission and we pray. Heavenly Father, that angels, angelic reinforcement would be commissioned over families and households, those loved ones that they are concerned about.

Right now we send forth Angelic reinforcements and we thank you, Lord, that your angels. Are sent forth as ministering servants that are for heirs of salvation. So we ask you, Lord, that the host would be released to touch those Father, even the prodigals, those that are away from God, those whose family members are hurting or suffering with ailments. We release angels, and we say, Lord, that the protection, the heavy protection of the spirit of God rests upon every loved one right now.

And I just see that person. You’re very, very concerned about a spouse and their health and you’ve looked at this, and the doctors have given a negative report. We release now protection and wholeness.