Prophecy: Big Tech/Pharma Bankrupt

May 27, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophetic word below released by Pastor Hank on May 23, 2021 regarding Big Tech and Pharma.

I speak and declare that there is a new season. A blessed season of greater grace, greater provision, healing, wholeness, health, long life is their portion. And I thank you, God, that the season that is now upon them and what shall break forth shall be a season of great acceleration, but it shall be a season of great strength, a supernatural strength, because of the harshness of what your people have had to go through. There is a rest that is coming, and in that rest shall come a peace. And in that rest shall come a provision. In that rest shall come a divine lifting of the power of your hand to lift up your people to a place of great, great, great blessing and God. These blessings are not delayed. These blessings are not coming, but they are here now, and they shall begin to be manifest in the lives of the people, and they will see that truly the Lord God has answered their prayers, for this is the time that they’re in.

This is the time, for there has been a promise of a new era. There has been a promise of that new era to raise up a new America. Even a new Israel, even the nations of the Earth. There shall be a new as there’s a separation of that which God you are doing from darkness from evil. And so it is. God that your hand is bringing forth the new for the sake of your people. You are blessing them and bringing them into a new season. And God is saying behold the new. As they masked us for over a year and a half, you couldn’t see people’s face. You couldn’t see their mouth. You couldn’t see their smile. One of the rewards of what we will get as spoils of war. Of spiritual battles that were manifested in the natural, even in our political. There will be a smiling among the people. A laughter among the people. A celebration among the people.

Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, May 23, 2021 – Big Tech/Pharma Bankrupt
Are you ready for something that is so new? That God shakes big tech, big pharma. I’m serious, I’m literally seeing the word ‘bankrupt’ and with this unmasking that is in process right now and the great return that is upon us, I see the word ‘bankrupt’ literally over media outlets that they are going to be no more, they’re going to go bankrupt. Some of these big techs that have been, and they’ve had their hands in a fraudulent election they are going to be exposed and they are going to lose their resources. But I see a bankruptcy coming to big pharma. The unmasking of what they have done, where it was more about the money that they would make in secret rather than the betterment of the people is going to be harshly dealt with by the hand of God and it will make way, it will make way for a healing wave that will hit this planet, that will eradicate sicknesses and diseases that have plagued people for generations. Simple truths will be revealed that will bring simple solutions to what big pharma and others said were complicated issues of disease.