Prophecy: Young, Old, Law Enforcement and a Sign of Unity

Jun 5, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

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Prophetic Words Given by Pastor Hank Kunneman May 31, 2020
Lord of Hosts Church | 9:00AM Pentecost Sunday Service

This is That! / God’s glory Fill Places & Touch this Planet:
Be prepared, be prepared, says the Spirit of Grace, for once again as Peter, who stood up on the Day of Pentecost and said these words ‘This is that,’ be prepared, says the Spirit of the Lord, for this shall be what is on the lips of those upon this planet. This is that, they shall say as my glory shall begin to fill the streets, your communities, your places of public gathering, schools, universities, governmental places – my spirit shall touch this planet in a way that has not happened, in a way that you have not seen or beheld, or even read about. For the media will say, ‘We do not understand’, be prepared to say, ‘this is that.’ The teachers of the school will say they do not understand, what meaneth this? Be prepared to say, this is that! Your neighbors, your friends, your relatives shall ask, what is this. Be prepared to say, this is that, says the Spirit of Grace!


Outpouring Accelerate / Notable Miracles & Signs / Racial Divide / USA – Unite / Peace:
I will use this, the outpouring of my spirit that shall accelerate and shall become greater in this time. And with it shall come notable miracles, notable signs, and that which would cause the earth to wonder so that you may say, this is that. But I will use it to breakdown racial divide. I will use it to touch and to change the hearts of those who feel like they are not being heard. I will cause the hearts of this land, the United States, to receive a touch, for many times and for generations people have tried different methods, different things to unite, to bring healing, and it only lasts for a moment, but God says the heart of man, when it is touched by the spirit of their creator, change is the result that is established in the spirit and of the spirit that brings an order, a governing, a peace, a healing and a resolve.


Young, Old, Law Enforcement a Sign Uniting:
Do not think that the streets of today are the streets of your future! Look very closely, for the enemy fears what shall take place that you will see with your eyes. The heart of man shall be touched in an unusual way that will bring healing to this land, and to this nation, that shall cause them to lay down their rocks, their swords, and they shall unite. Listen, watch an unusual sign of the young, the old, and the law enforcement shall be seen gathering hands together as an act of unity, an act of prayer. This shall be a sign that shall bring a witness that my hand is greater than that which seeks to divide, says the Spirit of God!


Month of June / Heat / Division Burned Away / Clouds & Thunder:
Pay attention to the month of June and to the months going forward. Things will become hot in the natural, but do not be fooled for I am burning away the dross, I’m burning away disease, I’m burning away racial tension, I am burning away this division, disunity, and hatred. Yes, I am! I will use the heat as a sign, but listen and listen closely, for this nation the clouds will form and there will be a sound of thunder and a roar that shall come. Great thunder, yes, for I am speaking, I am mobilizing, and I am moving. When you hear the sound of thunder, rejoice because there are more for you and more that is for this nation than there is against it, even though the warfare has been intense, says the Spirit of Grace.


Lightning / Natural Displays as Satan Falls / Decade of Difference as Promised:
Then look and see the lightning. Behold the displays that I shall cause to take place even in the natural, for you will see satan fall. You will see his agenda fall in the displays of lightning. Rejoice, because a new day I have promised upon this land; and what has started off harsh, as there are some rocky waters ahead, but God says it shall smooth out to bring you the decade of difference that I have promised, that you will testify and say, ‘This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel,’ it is among us once again, says the Spirit of God.