Prophecy: White House Will Be A Light House

Oct 30, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy that was released on January 23, 2020.  The White House will be a Light House. This is the hour of light. This decade shall be given to the children!

The Spirit of God says, I am looking now upon this earth. And I’m specifically looking at you, the United States. I do not speak and call you America, even though you are, but I speak and I declare you are the United States because there is a unity. And there is the healing that is in process right now that is coming to your house. The White House says the spirit of God. But there were those, in the days when the Christ stood within the house, and yet they argued among themselves, and they did not discern that healing was present in the house. Why do I speak this to you at this time? Because too many of my people are speaking words of division. Rather than seeing that there is healing that I am desiring to bring to this nation.

As in the days when I declared Let There Be Light, and there was. I speak this because when I spoke those words there was manifestation that took place. I desire, says the spirit of God, to bring manifestation of my Light. For some say it is a new decade, but it is not just that. It is a decade of a revolution of light. Where I shall waken this nation to the revival, to the glory that you have desired, and you have prayed for.

Therefore, this light that is coming, and it is why there is so much division in fighting at this time. Because the enemies of darkness are desiring to stop the light, the awakening, and the exposing of deep corruption that shall come to the surface says the spirit of God. Therefore your house, that you call white, shall be white again. But it shall also be known, Listen carefully, as the Lighthouse. For I am overturning laws in this land and I am giving an authority and empowering to my people. That the greatest reform shall begin to take place.

Therefore, watch. As you see the earth there will be protests, but these are not just protests. It is the arising of light, that shall bring regime changes to the nations. That that which has been underground shall come above ground, I speak of my church. Because this is the hour of the light, says the spirit of God. And then looked, strange as it may be. They will say, what are these lights that appear? Not in the Northern Hemisphere, but in other places among your nation, United States, this is a natural sign to speak. Of the awakening that is upon you. So align your words. Speak with me in unity. Speak healing over your nation, over your house, over your Senate. Speak words of, Let there be. And watch the Revolution of Light. That shall come in this time, and I shall do it for you because you have prayed. And I have promised to give it to your children, for this decade shall be known as the decade given to the children of Light says the spirit of God.