Prophecy: Whirlwind, God Countering Evil with His Finger

Aug 10, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this powerful prophecy released on August 8th, 2021 by Pastor Hank regarding the Whirlwind and God countering evil with His finger.

Prophecy: Pastor Hank Kunneman, August 8, 2021

As I was standing there, I was watching something in the spirit, and I could see movement, but the movement was like a swirl. I could see this swirl and it looked like a whirlwind. I kept seeing the swirl and it was coming out of the heavenlies and I was trying to identify how the movement of this whirlwind was spinning. This thing was spinning counterclockwise. And I asked the Lord what it was, and He said it’s the movement of His finger. And it is also the moving of His hand that is creating this whirlwind and it is counter circling. Counterclockwise. And the reason God is saying it is counterclockwise is because there are certain things that the enemy has thought that he could manipulate timing, he could manipulate events, he could insert himself into timing and natural scenarios.

But the Spirt of the Living God is declaring that I am countering it! And even though there may be things that seem like they’ve been set in motion and are spinning according to the calendar days, according to the clock, according to the months of the calendar year and it seems like it is moving in the direction that is supposed to, and in some ways out of control. God says look at My finger! Look at My hand, I am countering it. I am resisting it, I am raising up a standard and the enemy, even though he has come with a vengeance, the Spirit of the Lord says the countering of My finger, the countering of My hand is greater than any assignment and agenda that has been perpetrated and released upon the earth.

I’m telling you they’re going to come back from a recess of the House and the Senate and they’re going to try certain things and they’re going to try and set it in motion and God by His Spirit and through the mouths of the prophets now are countering it. Turning it. Moving it in the right direction.

God says, don’t think when certain things are going to be declared and said, and even there will be legislation and signatures that will try to move something clockwise according to calendar times, according to mans’ agenda. God says I’m going to put My hand and My finger and I’m going to turn it the opposite direction. It will look like you are going backwards. It’s not that you are going backwards, it’s God countering it and raising up a standard to shift that thing and to reset it and to bring it back into divine order.