Nov 28, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this strong and encouraging prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on September 15, 2023, at the Opening the Heavens Conference in Council Bluffs, Iowa where the Spirit of the Lord has decreed that we are in a season where His hand is upon the earth to deal directly with the forces of darkness and those who have carried out the agenda of hell. The Great I Am has made it known that He is tearing down demonic strongholds and exposing the evil deeds to bring the truly guilty to justice.

Watch as the Lord of Angel armies begins to cause what the masses thought was impenetrable to collapse and the wild swings in the weather and freezing temperatures in unusual places will be a sign that God is at work for His people!

Do not be in fear as hell reacts and seeks to create chaos in response to God’s divine intervention accelerating in this hour. The Spirit of the Lord has already declared that the plan of the enemy will backfire because God will not be challenged, stopped, or silenced! Selah!


Prophetic Words given at OTH23
Speaker: Pastor Hank Kunneman
Location: Mid-America Center, Council Bluffs IA Date: September 15, 2023 7:00PM

So, it has been, says the Spirit of the living God, that men have come to a place. I speak of my people, for they have looked and they have said, almighty God, where are you? Where are you? Even Elijah, where is the Lord God of Elijah? Is this what you think? Is this what you speak from your lips before my presence? Do you think that I have somehow ignored the injustice, the corruption, the evil, the things that have been deep stated and seated? No, says God, I have watched, and I have waited for this time, for this is not your season, nor is it the seasons of the earth. It is my season; therefore, the seasons shall blend together, and you’ll say it feels like spring, but then why is there summer heat and why then does it get frigid cold? Oh, it’s so cold, and why does it snow in this place and it has not snowed for decades? And why in the place where we escape the frigid cold, we’re freezing!

God says, I’m showing you that I am the God of the times and seasons. And so, for a while they will seem backwards. It will seem one month it will be this way. Another month it’ll be another way. It’ll be that one day it will seem as though it is hot and then it is cold. How can the temperature change this greatly? And they will say it is climate control. It is global warming.

God says, enough, my hand has been placed on the earth to show the earth that I am the God of the times of the seasons and the purposes that are under heaven. And now it is my purpose. It is my time. Therefore I speak to you, those that are weary, those that have said God, how much longer? The Spirit of God says, you are just about at the place of intensity like you have not seen. Therefore, do not grow weary. Do not quit and do not cause your mouth to speak negative.

For I say there was a time when a nation Israel stood before that which seemed impenetrable. And so there are some who have looked at the state, the deep state, the corruption, the evil. They have looked at two tier justice and they have said, God, this will never change, we’re doomed as a people. Whose report do you believe, who is your prophet and what is the voice that speaks? I say nay for the walls of Jericho seemed impenetrable. And so I silenced my nation and they were at a standstill wondering and waiting what would happen.

But then, God says, I said to them to lift up their voice. And they began to shout. And that which looked impenetrable began to fall and collapse. I speak this that you may know that the same God who did this to the walls of Jericho is doing this with that which they’ve done to the children, that which they have done to your elections, that which they have done through your media, that which they have done in your schools, that which they have done to change what I said this is a male, this is a female. This is holy matrimony between one man and one woman. You shall see that which they said would never change, that is impenetrable shall collapse. It shall begin to fall in the land and in the earth, says the living God. And the reason that I speak this to you at this time is because the intensity of the things that I’ll do at the power of not the might of man or your armies, but the power of my hand. You’ll say, God, what shall you do? I will expose, expose, expose. But not just that, God says, I will bring to justice the truly guilty and I will reset. I bring a divine reversal and I’ll reorder the earth, for who is man that says it shall be their world order, God says, not yet, not so.

I shall reorder the earth my way, says the living God. Watch. Therefore, as I said to Joshua, I speak this word to you, do not fear. You say, I do not fear. God says, I speak this to you ahead of time because of the intensity of what shall arise upon the earth. Hell shall react and will seek to create chaos upon the left. And they will scatter and they will scurry and they’ll say, who will lead us now? We must have someone that can lead us. And God says, you will be found without one who shall be found worthy. Intensity shall arise as they will try to interrupt your process of election. But God says, I am the disruptor and there is a disruption that is coming that I have held and I have waited for the right time. And so I shall have my way that men shall know that this was not the might or the power of man’s cyber ability,

But it is the strength of my finger. Did you notice I did not say hand, says the living God. I said my finger; for I could inhale and shake the earth. I could exhale and remove quickly from their seats of pride.

That I shall move my finger because my finger is my justice and my finger is what shall cause the powers of hell to tremble. So there will be darkness, there will be chaos, there will be a scrambling and there will be confusion and there will be great fear to try to once again convince you that there is something that is arisen, that you must now shut down even to the point where you now must stay in your homes and they will seek to lengthen the amount of time of those who are contaminated. But God says, do you really want to make me laugh because there is the intensity of my hand that which they do shall backfire. Why shall it backfire? Because you look to a man, the Spirit of God says, no, look to me. For there is something in the earth that you have forgotten. It is the greatest entity. It is the Spirit of God. He’s the spirit of truth and His truth, the spirit of truth, His very being, His essence will not be stopped, will not be silenced and will not be challenged.

Therefore, pay attention to the intensity. The earth will not be able to handle the intensity of my finger and the might of my spirit that shall arise at this time. Therefore, the mountains will shake and be removed. They’ll blow their tongues and there will be smoke that will fill the air and there will be shakings of soil and the floodwaters will arise and ice will jam and then break loose. You say, I’m afraid. God says, the earth cannot handle the measure of what I’m bringing of my justice, yet you are afraid things will become wet. This snow is so wet. It is so heavy. It is so much. Why do we have to suffer? God says, I dealt with wicked kings when it snowed in Salman and there is much wickedness that demands a purity and a purging. And so I will use the elements and they will respond.

Do not be afraid. Because if you could see the resetting and the reversal and the reordering of what my plan is, you would look to North America. I speak of Canada, I speak of you United States and I speak of you, Mexico. They are afraid. Oh, there is one waiting in the wings who calls upon my name and there is one, even though the fires have tried to remove him. They will say, who will lead us now? And he will be standing not by the power of man, but by the preservation and the plan of my hand. He will stand again.

And God says, listen to me. North America, you shall be known as North America The Great. I even speak of Canada for the stench that you have become shall not be the smell, the aroma of your future. As I set things in order Canada, in North America, the United States, and I do my justice in Mexico, I will clean and sweep through your parliaments, the governments. And I will raise up the new, and North America, you shall be called North America the Great and there shall be an ally that shall arise between North America, Canada, United States, and Mexico. A bond, a strength, a new America, a new North America. Pay attention, as the intensity of the earth increases, hell shall seek to respond and raise up a two-headed snake that shall try to strike Israel. You are no match Iran, and you are no match North Korea. Your head shall be cut down.