Oct 12, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on Sunday, October 8, 2023, where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that there will be an expansion of Israel’s borders and a scattering of Israel’s enemies who have sought to destroy them in this season.

God has declared that He is holding back the weapons of other nations who have sought to preempt a war to end all things.

Do not be afraid and stand in the confidence of the Lord as the Righteous Judge has decreed that He is dealing harshly with those who have sought to inflict harm and violence against the innocent. Divine justice will prevail! 


Prophetic Word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman October 8, 2023 9:00AM Sunday Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE 

And so it would be at this moment, says the Spirit of God, that the earth beholds and wonders what shall be of you, Israel. Yet I look to you. Yes, there are those in you, Israel, who do not even know my name, yet I looked, and I see the covenant that I made with you Israel, and I have been faithful to you. I have been faithful throughout generations, and I have been faithful to your children. Even though your children, some shake their fist and they do not know me or call upon my name, yet I rise for their sake. Even though they do not know I rise up for the sake of my Word and my holy covenant that is in the earth and it stands; as Israel, you stand forever.

And so now I speak and I say, let the earth behold. Let the earth wonder what shall take place with you O Israel, for they will see the might of my hand and they will see the indication of the sword that is within my mouth and within my hand, says the Lord of Hosts, and I will release my vengeance upon those who have risen up against the innocent. And God says, watch what I do to show my might and restrain other enemies.

But I will shake you with my hand, Iran. I will shake Hezbollah, I will shake Hamas and I will cause you even to shake in the very place of Iraq and even in the Middle East. There shall be natural earthquakes that will increase in this time as the heavens will be shaken as my Hosts come to establish order and to bring about a protection. But watch this, I will cause an expansion for it shall be at the extension of my hands that I will do this, that I will give to you Israel, what belongs to you.

Therefore, I speak to you, Netanyahu, and I say to you, do you remember those who call upon the name of their God shall not be forsaken? So I speak to you Netanyahu, remember David? remember as he rode with his mighty men into the very place of Zig Lag. Netanyahu, do you remember? Their cities were burned with fire and their wives were taken captive, and the children. Do you remember, Netanyahu? I speak to you, says the living God. What did I do? What did I do? I spoke to David, and I speak to you at this time. Listen, it is in your heart, Netanyahu, prophesy to your people and stand, pursue, overtake. For without fail, you shall be expanded, and you shall recover all, says the living God.

Therefore, arise until the enemy is scattered and smitten, for what has become of Al-Qaeda, they will say, what has come of these who have terrorized Israel, what has become of them. And I’ll hold them out to the Dragon and I’ll hold back the weapons of other nations as I stand in the midst to show the earth that this is not the time and the enemy shall not be allowed to preempt ahead of time. For it is my war, it is my battle.

And I want the earth to behold the power of my hand and to see the faithfulness of God. And therefore, what I do in Israel, this is just a precursor, says the living God, of what shall come even of America and the nations of the earth. I am and shall continue to deal wisely and harshly with those who rise up with wickedness, upon those who prey upon the innocent.

Even the innocent who are caught in Gaza. Even the innocent who are not of my people, Israel, my eye is upon them in my mercy too. Therefore, I shall eradicate the enemy that brings their innocence to war. And the earth will see justice and it shall prevail. Be wise that you do not allow your eschatology to cloud a true perspective and an outcome that I will bring to the earth at this time. I want the earth, as it was when I wiped out Pharaoh and his army. I got my honor, says the Lord, and I will get my honor once again in the earth. And it is not to take my people at this time, but it’s to show the glory of my people and the glory of my hand. And to give a generation freedom and to rescue the children.

And I hear the Spirit of God say, because you are in the moment of one of the greatest shakings that you will see in the earth by the power of my hand.