PROPHECY: Watch As You Will See Visible Signs That Will Mark The Sound Of The Feet Of God Himself!

May 20, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

What this powerful prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on May 15, 2022, concerning the footsteps of the Spirt of God that are striking down the enemy by way of exposing corrupt dealings, money laundering, and trafficking at a very high level to bring back and establish righteousness in the land. Watch for a great pushback against the W.H.O as they attempt to rule again by fear and rumors.

The Spirit of the Lord has declared that He shall gather His fists to smack down upon the agendas that desire to steal your freedoms again!

Come on, we seed righteousness over our seats of government. We sow seeds the righteousness for the media to be shaken greater. And new networks shall arise that shall be different, shall be good, shall be truthful. Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound? Of my footsteps, says the spirit of God. Watch very closely. For you will see in the natural, visible signs that will mark the sound of the feet of God himself. And there should be the sound of Thunder. And they will say it. It is thundering. It is lightning, great displays of lightning, but watch once again. What did they strike? It will be the foot of God that shall say enough of this.

Watch as one, an illegitimate child who fears for their life shall speak and expose. And say, this is the story that I was told never to say. God says it will be at a very high level. This one, an illegitimate child that you thought was their child. There are those who laugh, shake hands, launder money, traffic your children, and exploit them. And they say we shall create another lockdown. We shall create fear, by taking away their liberties and threatening their health. And so they wait for your downfall.

Who? WHO. That’s what you call yourself. WHO. The organization that is a stench. Yet I say, who do you think you are? You rise up with your threats because you who, do not know who you stand against. Therefore they plan, they sign, they rumor. They bring fear. Yet I say watch, watch, watch how I shall gather my fists and I will smack down, upon the agendas that desire to steal your freedom again. And this would be the sound of my footprint, as there will come a great pushback. And they will say, who do you think you are? When you hear this look for The Who I am. That stands in your midst. I’ll restock your shelves as I said before, and I will bless your water and I will provide for your children. Watch what I do, says the Lord. You’ve declared that the lion roars. And so there was a day that they threw Daniel into the den to be eaten by the lions. He had no regard for the king, nor his mandates, and some of you have stood like Daniel in this time. Yet I say to you. You will survive. You will be exonerated. You will be vindicated, says the Lord. But those who had an agenda to throw you to the lions, they themselves shall be eaten by the sound of me, the lion of Judah as I expose, expose, expose to establish my righteousness. And this is the time of my justice, says the living God.