Prophecy: This Virus Will Not Win! You Shall See That The Lord Has Been Faithful!

Mar 24, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch the video below. God has not forsaken the nations. He is extending His hand of mercy. The earth will know that God is the Lord! This virus will not win. You shall see God’s faithfulness. Supernatural supply, provision and healing will come. A shift is coming. An awakening is upon you planet earth, upon you the United States and the nations of the earth. Rejoice!


I am the God of the times and I am the Lord of the seasons. I am the one who created time and I am the one who created the seasons. Therefore I shall and am already in process of arising at the right time and in the right season. Do not think for a moment that I have forsaken you, or I have forsaken this planet. But instead, I’m extending my arms and my hands of love and a mercy at this time. Yes, there are judgments in the earth that man may understand and learn righteousness as my word says. But there are judgments that have come against the forces of darkness, that they have tried to change the times, to manipulate the seasons, through fear, through sickness, disease. And God says, but I have chosen to arise and as I caused my son to arise in the days of the time of the Passover, once again I shall arise upon this nation. And as there was a public display brought forth to the enemy the day when the Christ was raised, once again there shall be a strike to the head of the enemy and a public display openly that you will see with your eyes that will begin to follow by way of manifestation.

And as there was the resurrection for the power of light was greater than the darkness that came at the time when it looked as though that hell had won. Do not think for a moment that this virus will win, do not think for a moment that the Lord God has not and will not arise at this time. For watch as it was in the days of the Passover with the people of Israel where there was the strike, a strike, a strike against the false gods of Egypt including of the Sun. There shall be what I shall gather with rain some cleansing, winds of change, and the summer heat, and the spring heats of the Sun. And I will use this, the Spirit of God says, to create a weapon that shall be in my hands and as it was in the days when I was made known to Pharaoh, to Egypt, to Israel, that the earth would know that I am the Lord. Once again the earth will know that I am the Lord for the Earth is being awakened. And as there was deliverance that came to a nation and there was supernatural supply and provision granted, and there was healing so that none were feeble among them. And there was a release and a shift at the time of Passover. This shall once again arise upon the earth and upon you United States.

So rejoice, for as the pillar of cloud by day and the fire by night appeared, for there was a move of glory that came and led a nation. This is the promise and what I’m doing, as an awakening is among you planet Earth. An awakening is among you United States, and the nations of the Earth. That my glory as it stood with the pillar of cloud and the fire so once again stand with you in this time. As great changes, good changes, lights changes, I speak of the light of glory not light by its weight for the weightiness of my glory shall be abundant. But the light that overcomes the darkness. Men shall come to the brightness of this arising of my light. Do not look at what has been dark, and do not be inflicted with fear, but since your eyes upon a horizon of a new day that shall begin to come and be made manifest among you, that you will say Hosanna, Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! For I have come to save, says the Spirit of God, I have come to extend the heart of the Father and his hands, and I have come to bring the exaltation and the power of the resurrected Christ, the Lord God Himself, Yeshua! And he shall be lifted up in this time, and you shall see that the Lord has been faithful says the Spirit of Grace.