Prophecy: This is the time that God is prevailing against the enemy!

Jan 20, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman during the 2022: The Year for You New Level series as the Spirit of the Lord declares that now is the time that God is prevailing against His enemies and bringing a victory where He is giving back, restoring, and reversing the agenda of hell! God is rewarding His people who will stand with Him!

And so this is the time, says the living God, that I am walking among the earth and I’m inspecting it with my hosts, my troops that are part of my command, for I am Lord Sabio. I am the Lord of hosts, and this is the time that I’ve declared that former things are coming to pass and new things, I am declaring. And I am crying out from the heavens and I wait for those who will cry out with the same cry on the Earth. You say, What is this cry? It is not a cry of defeat. It is not a cry that I am withholding my hand from the earth or from the nations. But it is a cry of war against the enemy’s demonic forces and entities and their agenda.

Therefore, this shall be a year that I shall cry. I shall roar. I shall prevail against my enemy, says the living God. And they who cry out with me shall see grace boil. Give it into their hands! As I bless you beyond what you could ask or think. But God says this is not a time to back up, to be silent. But it’s the time to listen to the roar, to the cry of the holy one, and cry with me says God and you will see a victory. You will see. That I have given back, and I have restored, and I have reversed, and I have reset, and I have given you what David declared at the time of Ziegler. This is David’s spoil, he said. And so you shall identify with your name upon the rewards that I will give to those who will stand in this time and fight with me, says the Lord of hosts.