Nov 28, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on October 15, 2023, where the Spirit of God has declared that His Spirit is restraining the plans of the enemy and the Lord is raising up a generation of anointed youth as part of His promised inheritance for Jesus.

Yes there will be wars and rumors of wars, and darkness will arise, but God is preserving the nations of this earth with the power of His glory to bring about a divine reset that will cause the masses to be filled with joy and laughter at the manifestation of His goodness!

Continue to look up and fix your eyes on the promises of God and do not be in fear based on what things may appear to look like in this current time. The harshness of this season will not last!

Date: October 15, 2023, 9:00am Service

Speaker: Pastor Hank Kunneman

Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha, Nebraska

“Too many, too many in the earth,” says the Lord, “are filled with fear, worry, anxiety. And they have put their understanding, their interpretation of the times upon these times. And yet they stand, and they look at the earth at this time and they look at the plans, the manifestation of what has been evil, what has been dark, what has been corrupt, and what has been by the hands of the enemy and the forces of darkness. And yet as they come before my throne, they speak of what China shall do — Russia, Iran, North Korea — they speak of the enemy’s plans and the intent of evil. Yet I say to you and to those who are filled with fear at this time, you stand in the same spirit of those who stood outside of a fiery furnace, and it was turned even seven times hotter. And yet there were those on the outside that were waiting for a result that did not happen because there was a restraint — no matter how hot, no matter how much the government, the king intended to do, to bring harm to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. And so I speak and I say the enemy has sought to preempt war, to raise up that which will be the war to end all things. But I say that it’s not the time.

And yet there are those who stood outside the den where the lions dwelt, in Daniel, and they expected Daniel to be eaten alive by the lions, even the king. And there are those who say and think the same thing: ‘We are finished, America is finished, Israel is finished.’” But God says, “Wait, who was the one that restrained the mouths of the lions and freed Daniel? It was I. And then they stood upon the Red Sea thinking that Pharaoh and his army would succeed. But what did I do? I stepped into the right time, and I stepped in, and I showed that through the power of my presence and my glory, that I could save a nation quickly, and in a day. And I speak this for those who think that things shall be dragged out, and that the enemy will get the upper hand, and the solution is for the Lord to take his people at this time.

Yet I see something else,” says God. “I don’t just see the plans of the enemy, for my Spirit is here, and my Spirit restrains. And so, my Spirit shall restrain. I shall restrain the mouth of the dragon. I shall restrain the claws of the bear, and I shall once again put my thumb upon the mouthy one who will raise his lips and his mouth in North Korea.” And God says, “And I say to you, Iran. You will try — and there will be that which will be seen in the air. But I will strike down the attempts that you will be put in your place, and you will be embarrassed. That will lead to great uprising within your nation, Iran. That will cause a regime change that the earth will see and behold that God is the God of the kings of the earth.

What are you looking at? What are you expecting? What do you believe the outcome shall be of the events that are in the earth? I have already told you that I have promised something to the honor of my Son and his blood. It is the harvest, the greatest harvest that has ever been given to him. And I’m looking at something else. I am seeing what they have done to the children. And there are those that are, even with me, who were murdered at the hands of legislation, abortion — that join hands, they pray in heaven. And they have said, and I’ve spoken this to you before, they have said, ‘Father, we live with you now, but let others, who come into the earth, let them walk upon the soil of the land, and fulfill their dreams that we never got to.’” And God says, “I have heard their prayers, and I have gathered their prayers, and I have poured them back upon the earth, and I am looking at the children, the youth, that will arise in this time because I’m giving a generation to them, and it will not be given so that the earth can come together with a war that shall steal their lives, and their blood speak from the soil of the earth.

But rather I have said there will be wars and there will be rumors of wars. But I also said, even though darkness would arise, and gross darkness upon the people, yet I, the Lord, shall arise upon thee. And I say to you, what are you looking at? Are you expecting me to arise? I am. I shall. And the earth will know that there is something supernatural that is taking place where they will not be able to explain it with their eschatology. They’ll not be able to explain it with their theology, their politics, their weapons, their armory. They will not even be able to explain it by human reasoning. But I, the Ancient of Days, and the God of wisdom, shall supersede, and I’ll show myself strong in a way that will cause something to happen. It shall be — mouths shall be gaped wide open. And I’ll do this, I will do this,” says the Lord. “For some mouths that are gaped open, I’ll put my fist in it. Others, I’ll fill their mouths with laughter. And there shall come once again in the church, in the nations and even in the streets: ‘Why are men laughing? What is this strange phenomenon of laughter?’” And God says, “I’m doing it to once again show you that the harshness of this season that the enemy wants shall not last.”