Jan 31, 2024 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on Sunday, January 14, 2024, concerning the season of rest that the Spirit of the Lord has declared as the verdict from heaven’s throne. As the Lord of Hosts is carrying out His verdict across the nations of the earth, you will see tensions escalate over the next few months. This tension will come by way of diversions to draw your attention away from the very things that God is exposing and bringing to light. Key areas to watch at this time include:

  • Tensions rising between Taiwan and China
  • Russia
  • The source of what has been taking place in Ukraine
  • The elements (volcanoes and shaking of soil)

Do not be in fear as events begin to flare up in intensity as the Spirit of the Lord has decreed that He is establishing His righteousness and showing His justice in this season! God is raising up the nation of America again and setting it on a new course to bring a reprieve to you and your children!

To watch the prophecy in its entirety, click here: onevoicetv.net.


Prophetic Word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman January 14, 2024 9:00AM Sunday Live Stream Service
Location: Pastors Hank & Brenda Kunneman’s Home in Omaha NE 

And so it shall be, says the Spirit of God, that the season that you have entered into is a season of rest. But I say that I rest my case, for the verdict has been decreed out of the mouth of the Holy One, because of the Elders who have gathered the prayers from the remnant people, and now My verdict has come in the earth; and I have come, in no way, to clear the guilty of what they have done. So do not speak from your lips that justice will not come, or we have not seen justice, or will justice ever be held.

The Lord says, look and behold. For there shall come in the earth great tension over the next few months. Do not be moved by diversions. For some of this that you will see will be meant to divert the focus off of what I will bring my justice and my hammer to, says the Lord, and my light that will shine to raise up and bring about an exposing of those who have been bent and who were agents of the enemy and their agendas and their wicked deeds and how they have abused and they have mutilated and touched the innocent, especially the children. This is my time, says the Spirit of God, to show the Lion who roars, and to bring the justice that has been rendered as the verdict from heaven’s throne.

Therefore, watch what comes to light but do not be distracted by the earth itself, it will be very tense for there will be earthquakes that will increase, and some will say, see this is the end-times, it is the end of all things.

The Spirit of God says, the earth is vomiting it is loosening the hold because of the justice that is coming and even touching the very soul underneath the earth as it vomits you will see things erupt even in the natural and the earth’s soil will shake and there will be frigid colds as I freeze the attempts of the enemy in the spirit realm that he thinks that he could take over at this time. This is not his day, this is mine, says the Lord, and there will be great signs that I will show in the earth, and God says, but do not be distracted. Do not think that this is the way of the direction of what I have said shall wind up in rest.

As there shall be coming tension, even greater, between Taiwan, China. There will be tension as Russia shall raise itself in a place, but do not be deceived for there are things that I am doing with Russia, even the leader of Russia to bring about a certain justice in the earth and, God says, even the truth will come as tensions will arise in Ukraine, I will reveal the source of why has this become such the eye of the people of the earth and the governments too. What do you know, Ukraine? What do you hold? And what has been handshakes behind closed doors and under the table and above the table that absolutely indicts those in you, United States, as the guilty.

Therefore, this is my time that I will show my justice. I will establish my righteousness. But don’t be moved as tensions shall flare among the nations in the next few months and there will be signs in the elements and the earth to look and behold. For they are hiding things upon the very screens of your TVs, but I will come even now to show those who cohort and coerced together an agenda to speak the same thing, to create narratives, and to create lies that have deceived some.

But in the end, you will see that victory will prevail and you will see how a few have stood for the many and now the many shall be delivered in this nation as I raise up this nation again and reset it and set it on a new course again that you and your children shall find rest, says the Spirit of God.