Prophecy: There will be days of rejoicing

Feb 25, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy released on February 21, 2021 regarding days of rejoicing that will affect your finances, your children, your laws, your schools and your media.

Do you understand? Says the spirit of the living God. That I take away the old to establish the new. And this is what I shall do. For the things that you see upon your land and in this nation, the United States represents an old era. It does not, nor will it represent the new era and the new season that I have planned and shall bring upon the Earth and this nation at this time. Therefore, I speak to you as the God who is the God of the elements, the God of the wind, the God of the shakings, the God of the ice, the God of the snow, the God of the rain, the God of the weather patterns. And yet you looked and you saw, that this nation was blanketed with snow and cold and ice. As cleansing and dealing with principalities and powers and spiritual climates reflected in the natural.

But yet look very closely. Are you ready? Says the living God, for times of refreshing. That are coming from and by the Spirit of the living God. And there is a refreshing coming to my people. Because of the harshness of the season that they have been in, but there is coming a refreshing regarding what you see now even in your government. For I have chosen this time to bring a refreshing. Therefore look, look, look, look closely. As your map shall reflect refreshing. Cool breeze, gentle breeze, no breeze, sunny skies, and yet 70° weather. And you shall look and say look at all the sevens. What is the meaning of this? God says I’ll do it as a sign, and when you see this, it will mark that my work and my time is at hand to complete what I have promised. That this nation will be made great again.

And so, God says the time is come. For I am the one that closes doors that no man can shut. I did it in the days of Noah. And when I shut the door in the days of Noah, judgment fell. Upon that, which was evil and corrupt in the Earth, and this shall happen again, as many, many shameless moments. And there is a day of shame that is coming, and it will be announced. But it will not just be a day of shame. For when I close the door upon that Ark and the day of Noah, I also opened doors that no man can close. No man can close the door that I will open. And there was the sound and a smell that came up into the nostrils of God himself. Because the earth had been cleansed. A new era had begun for the people, Noah, and so I speak this promise to you who are in fear, you who have been in doubt, you have been in anxiety.

This is a new era that requires a new day, a new season and a refreshing. So receive it today, says the Lord, and watch what should begin to take place. There will be a great celebration. And there will be days of rejoicing that will affect your finances, your children, your laws, your schools, your media. Yes, I said the media, says the Lord. Because I’m birthing something new. And lastly, I say this. It will not be too far in your distant future, where you will say. We remember the days when. And God says you will remember and speak of the former season that was harsh. But you will say, something has changed. Because I’ve stepped in with refreshing, and with newness of life again.

Come on. Lift up your voice and shout unto God with the voice of triumph. Come on, shout. Listen to this. They call it a cancel culture. But I am also the one that cancels. I canceled and blotted out the ordinance that was written against you and nailed it to the cross. But God says the laws, some of them that have been recently signed, will be canceled. Listen to me. Even concerting abortion. God’s about to cancel a lot of things that were planned. You’re going to see his grace. Some news stations are about to be canceled. I’m serious.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord, to make way for the new, that’s why. God says I’m gonna cancel debt, too. I’m gonna do it in the nation. I’m gonna do it in your life because of the harshness of the season that you have been in. Come out, shout out to God.