May 5, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on April 30, 2023, as the Spirit of the Lord has declared that a great vindication is unfolding in the earth where the words of the prophets will begin to manifest. As these events unfold, many will say ‘This is that which was spoken by the prophets!’

Watch as the hand of God will wipe out perverse curriculums that have been in schools, the abortion agenda, and He will wipe out what has been in the culture to try to define genders. As this heavenly vindication takes place across the U.S. and the nations of the earth, watch how a divine victory begins to arise.

Be encouraged as God Almighty is bringing a reprieve where evil will lose its voice and its grip upon this generation and the children! 


Speaker: Pastor Hank Kunneman
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha, NE Date: April 30, 2023

“Do you hear the sound,” says the Living God, “of the Lion of Judah who walks among the earth at this time; and he is carrying within his bosom a fire. And with this fire, it shall manifest with his vengeance. For vengeance is mine,” sayeth the Lord God. “Therefore, this burns in the heart, the heart of the King of all kings, and the Lord of all lords, as he is walking among the earth and bringing inspection to leaders, to governments, to nations, to the state of his church and even to those who say that they think that their agendas will prevail at this time.

“Vengeance is the Lord’s, therefore there shall come great vindication. You say, ‘God, what do you speak of?’ Listen now, as this vindication begins to unfold in the earth, it will be as it was in the days when Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost and he said, this is that which was spoken, watch,” says the Living God, “by the prophet, the prophet Joel. And this vindication that I speak of is coming to the mouthpieces that I have established in the earth at this time. For they have been thrown stones of accusations against them, my mouthpieces, my prophets. Yet they will be vindicated and there is a generation, this is the hour, this is the day that you’ll say, ‘Hey, that was spoken by the prophets.’

“This vindication shall begin to be manifest, and you will see it arise within this land. For there is nonsense of those who say United States, that you are finished. Who told you?” says the Living God. “Is this from my breath? Is this from my voice? Nay, nay, nay. It is the sound of those who want to steal, kill and destroy. But the vindication that I speak of shall arise, and it shall arise quickly as I will wipe out, I said wipe out your media. I will wipe out the networks. I will wipe out curriculums that have been in the schools. I will wipe out those who want to define what I created in my image of male and female. I will wipe out and abolish what they said will arise again in the land concerning abortion. Nay,” says the Living God, “I will wipe out and I will cause a sexual revolution in reverse of those who have said we’ve had enough. Do you hear the sound of the lions’ roar of vengeance? Vindication is mine,” sayeth the Lord. “You will say that this is that which the prophets spoke.

“And then another thing shall arise. Victory. How will this manifest? It’s what the prophets have spoken. Netanyahu arises, and yet not Netanyahu stretches forth his hands, and Israel you will be expanded for the sake of the state of Israel and the state of what I have given and what I have stood with you for. Therefore, the victory that shall come to you shall strike down weapons that will arise in the days that are ahead. And you will see the hand of God strike down that which comes by fire through the air and that which they seek to do underground in you, Israel. I will strike it down. But then what is this that they will say has happened in the earth? There shall be a great shaking that will be heard. Listen to me,” says the Lord, “in your air. What is the sound in the air? What is the sound, [you will say] in the earth? ‘This sound is loud. This sound is boisterous. This sound, is it an explosion? Is it? What is this? What is this sound? We’re afraid,’” God says, “I am shaking the heavens and you will know it. And then what is this that is happening in the sea in the places of the deep state? Why is the sea rising at this time? Because I’m shaking it with my victory and my vengeance and my vindication.

“And the land. The land will be shaken and those that are upon it for the Lion roars in this time now through a remnant that shall be my voice that will bring the reset and the reversal. For men have said, ‘You’re in the days of Noah.’” God says, “Yes, but there is a difference. There was wickedness and evil that touched all men except Noah and those who were in the ark. And even in this day, there is a remnant that shall bring the shaking to reset the earth as a Lion roars and absolutely silences the Bear Russia, and silences and stuffs his fist into the fires of China, that they will be much distracted and shaken in this time in their own nation.

“And then I speak lastly to you, the land of the Eagle. The Lion comes to you and has ripped the feathers and shall continue to rip the feathers from the left-side wing and the right-side wing. And there are a few in the middle that shall be ripped. Why would I do this? For this land shall arise now. And the land of the Eagle, you will see new faces who will be graced with a sound in their mouth and it will be a sound that will call this nation to a place of honor to the true God; and it will be a sound of honor that will bring a repentance and will bring a deep cleansing that will change and shake and even remove certain structures that represented, so you thought, your history and your country. But it will change in the day that I speak because it has been evil. Men have looked only at evil, and you have seen what evil looks like and this is why I’ve delayed what you say would be my hand. Nay. It is not the delay of the Lord; it is the vengeance of God.

“And I will for a season in the earth, bring a reprieve that you will breathe again when evil shall not have such a voice, a manifestation and a hold upon a generation and the children thereof,” says the Living God, “I will show you what light looks like. I will show you what glory looks like. I will show you what holiness and righteousness and honor looks like. I will show you, and the prophets have spoken it and they will be vindicated, and you will say, ‘This is that which was spoken by the prophets!’”