PROPHECY: The Year of the Cross, The Shepherd’s Crook, & The Crowns

Jan 18, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on December 31, 2022 concerning the new year of 2023. The Spirit of the Lord has declared that in the new year, you will see the power of the Cross as salvations will explode among those in sports, entertainment, and the media industries. This will also be a year of the Shepherd’s Crook as the finger of God shall hook and bring those who intentionally pushed the agenda of hell to justice. Watch the leaders and governmental authorities of this earth as there will be great removals, regime changes, and shakings at the highest levels as this season will be known as the year of the Crowns.

Rejoice as God has said that He is resetting many things in the earth to bring a peace and a rest to the harshness of the season that you have been in! 


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman December 31, 2022 7:00PM New Year’s Eve Anointing Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

This marks the time in history that shall be known as former, and that which was temporary and that which shall be new in the now. There is coming an hour that you will say we remember. We remember when; and you will speak of the harsh season that I’m bringing you out and bringing you through, says the Spirit of God. You say, but how can this be? How can it be that there would be an end to the madness? God says, because you underestimate the power of my hand. You have seen what evil looks like and yet they will continue as they will vomit upon themselves. They will turn on themselves and their lust for other things and others outside of their marriage shall be their downfall; their lust for children shall bring them to trial.

This is the hour of justice, says the Living God. Let it be known, that 2023 shall be declared, and it has been written from my scrolls, [as] the year of the Cross, the year of the crook. I speak of the hook and the year of the crowns. You say, God, what do you mean? This shall be a year that great awakening and salvations shall come to many upon this earth for this is how I shall change and free nations. It shall be the changing of the human heart. Watch the power of my Cross bring those who once said there are other genders, some in their community shall say, but we have found the way of the Cross; and there will be others who will say, we once thought that traditional marriage was not the way. They too shall stand, and they will say, we understand that marriage is between one man and one woman. This is what I speak of an awakening!

This is the hour of the Cross that men, men that you never thought of in the entertainment, the sports, the political, yes, even on your media shall repent and they shall come to the Cross. You say, I don’t believe it. God says, if a thief in his last moment of his breath could say, remember me when you come into your Kingdom, God says, this is what I speak of, of the year of the Cross. But it shall be the year of the crooks, for it shall be Psalm 23, for my rod of correction, my rod of judgment, my rod of righteousness shall be extended over the earth, and my crook, my shepherd’s crook shall expose the crooks and will expose as a veil shall be removed this year, and the curtains will be pulled, and I will let you see what I have seen. I will let you know what I have known, and some will not believe it though, yet it is reported.

But God says, watch the crook, my shepherd’s rod and crook. For God says, the enemy will desire to bring fear to create a diversion over the justice that will begin to be seen even in courts and tribunals. Justice that will begin to be done even in your Senate and in your House of Representatives, a justice that will come through the Supreme Court. And yes, God says a shaking for you believe that when they are appointed, they are appointed for life. God says, I’ll show you how quickly they can be removed. This is the hour where God declares from his throne. I say to you, God will not be mocked, and I will not be mocked! I say, enough is enough for the enemy will desire to bring fear to create diversions, false information. But God says he will use the might, the militaries, the weapons of the nations. He will speak of rumors of nuclear war. And these things will make it look as though that this is the end. That this is the war of all things, as there will be a certain sound that’ll fill the airwaves. But God says, do you understand propaganda? Do you understand how the enemy is using everything he can to get you to believe, to get you to be deceived into thinking something that really isn’t?


And God says when they show the might of their armory, when they speak words and threats, for it shall be a year, pay no attention to the Goliaths that will arise and show threats and speak threats. God says, remember it’s the year of the Cross. It’s the year of the Crook, My Crook. And God says, I will show with my finger, my might; and God says, my finger does not just point, but now it exposes and my finger, watch it, – look, God says it’s a crook and it shall hook them, and it shall pull them as I did with Korah. I shall call them to myself to stand to a place of justice and righteousness now, says the Living God.

And this will carry on through your year, through your summer and into 2024, which will be known as a year of restore. You say, but God, how much longer must we tarry? God says, there’s one thing you don’t understand. It’s called mili-tary. And this will be something that I will show. This will be something that you will begin to understand, and this will be something that you will once and for all know that my hand has been involved and I will bring an end to that which they say they will continue to do to steal your elections, to steal the seats away from those who rightfully won.

I will call the media out and I will bring them before me in the year of the crook, the year of the hooking and bringing them forth to justice and to stand in righteousness for it shall not only be the year of the cross, but it’ll be the year of the crook and the year of the crowns. Yes, I bring the kings and the queens, the princes of the earth, the leaders of the earth before me; and I bring them to my court, and I demand justice. And God says there will be deaths; some shall give up their last breath, some shall take their life. But God says, watch the crowns for there will be much, much shaking in the next two years of those who have seated themselves, their crown that they have put upon their heads unjustly shall be removed.

China, you rise and you protest, but you will be celebrating soon because of freedom that an underground church that has prayed shall bring the manifestation of freedom that you have waited for, for there shall be a regime change. For God says, listen to me, 2023, the year of the cross, the year of the crook, my hook, and it shall be the year of the crowns. And God says, look, look closely to the nations. As protests shall arise, men shall be forced to give up their crowns, give up their rule. And God says, freedom shall ring across the earth as regime changes happen. And you will see it with your eyes.


Watch two years. And so it shall be that your new year shall be met with abundance. Listen to me, your new year will be met with abundance for they have tried to ensnare you, your economy. And they will even say abstain from meat, do not touch the cattle, the pig or the chicken. I laugh. And then they will say, we must vaccinate them.


But I will bless your food and I will bless when they say that your water is being contaminated because, God says, they seek to scare you. They tried to shut you down. They tried to take your freedoms, they tried to affect your body. Now they will want to go after your bread. They’ll want to go after your water. But God says, do not be moved. I’ve already told you ahead of time, I will bless it. But there will be the word abundance. And your new year, watch very closely, watch upon the screens, watch upon your news the word abundance, the word great, the word feet.

God says there will be an abundance of rain. Record setting. The drought places will continue to have rain as a sign that the heavens are opening because of the people who prayed. There will be an abundance of rain, abundance of snow, abundance. Oh yes, there will be ice and there will be wind and there will then come something unusual, a warmth that will fill the nation and they will say, this is strange, this must be global warming. And God says, it’ll be unique because it will be in unusual places and then it will be, it would seem, as though the earth has been set to a temperature that is global because of this warmth. But God says, I want to do this because they have manipulated your weather. The enemy has manipulated your weather, and this will not always be what you will have by the way of your patterns. For I am resetting many things in the earth, and this will be what I will also put my hand upon to bring a rest and a peace to the harshness of the season that you have been in.