PROPHECY: “The scales are tipping towards righteousness and justice,” says the living God!

Jan 18, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Be sure to read this anointed prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on January 1, 2023 where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that the scales are tipping towards righteousness and justice in the land! We were in a season where it seemed that things were evenly matched between the enemy’s agenda and those who stood boldly for the will of God, but now watch in this year of 2023 as the scales of justice turn decisively towards God’s hand in favor of righteousness and justice! 

The shift is happening now. Watch how God resets and re-establishes the key areas of government to bring deliverance to the nation of America! 


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman January 1, 2023 9:00AM Sunday Worship Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

And so it would be, says the Spirit of God, that as you look at what was 2022; For there is a two and a two – 22. And so that’s what the year seemed to represent in the earth. For I speak of this former season so that you may understand what is taking place and what will be the future years. God says, it was a two and a two because it seemed as though it was a balance and it was as though your nation, United States, was divided. But now I say as you are in 2023, notice it is no longer balanced. Notice the God of just weights and the God of fair balances and scales, for anything less is an abomination to me, and so I show you a sign in 2023 that things will begin to tip now. The scales will begin to turn. The scales will begin to go towards the way of righteousness and of justice, says the Living God.

And this you will see as things will continue to unwind and unravel as there will be more and more exposures that shall come through a shaking of your media, a shaking of your social media. and the media of your networks. God says, I will show you what they covered. I will show you the lies that they were paid for, to propagate and to bring forth so that you would believe the lies that you have had to swallow. God says, you will now stand in the scales of truth, the scales of justice, and you will now see and know what I know, what I have seen and what is and what was done in secret shall now be shouted and made known. God says, as scales will turn, and they’re turning towards my hand; people have said, ‘God, where are you? How much longer?’ God says, I took you out of a year of two-two. What seemed even, even as it was when the magicians seemed to emulate what I sent with my servant, Moses, it seemed as though things that were prophesied, things that were decreed, it seemed like they were being matched or the enemy was having the upper hand. But God says, now watch, it’s shifting, and it will shift. Two, three. It shall be greater. It shall be greater because my hand of involvement is in the midst.

And watch what I do with your executive office. Watch what I do with your legislative office and branches. Watch what I do, God says, with your judicial branches of government, watch how I tip the scales, the Lord says, watch how I reset. Watch how I reestablish and bring restoration unto your nation, United States. Therefore, I will shake your Senate, and as there is three in your year, there shall be three swift moves that shall come through your Senate. And, God says, there will come a great exposure of one that I will show, and there is another that aided them in things that will follow them and now expose them and watch what will happen in your Senate to tip the scales, watch what will begin to take place as others begin to shift from the left to the middle, the left to the right. And God says, I will show you that they will not have their agenda in the land.

Watch what I do to the house of cards where, God says, you think that your house stands as it is. God says it is a house of cards and it will crumble. You watch what I do to shake it even more. You watch what I do on your Supreme Court. You think that they sit there for even, God says, for length of years. Yet do you think that they shall even some grow old? Watch what I do to say there are some who are sitting seated upon your Supreme Court unjustly. It is a false balance, a false weight; and I will shake it, says the Spirit of God.

And the weight and the unfair treatment of the innocent has gone on long enough. And God says, no, I will not allow an economy to cripple you. No, I will not allow them to continue to treat you like you are animals and herd you to the slaughter of ignorance and the slaughter of mandates. Not again, for this will be what I will change and tip the scales where a freedom shall fill your 2023 that shall spill over in the coming remaining years of this decade. And watch what I do for the children, for the unjust, the injustice that has been done to the children. I will march those who are guilty, those who have paraded children by way of perversion and transgender, God says, of absolute bondage. I will shift this too. And there will be laws, pay attention to Florida for they will pave a way in many of what I speak. For they will say, we will not allow this with children in our state. We will not allow this on the internet. We will not allow this on the television in our state. And God says, you say, oh, that’s crazy. Watch.

For in Florida, you have the keys for a purpose because you don’t just have it in the natural. You have it to unlock over this land and there will come laws that will protect the children because the scales of justice and righteousness are in my hands, God says.