Aug 8, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on June 25, 2023, where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that He has come in this hour to restore order and justice in this land! 

Watch the spirit of betrayal that shall manifest among those in their own ranks who have stolen, those who have sought to kill, and those who have aligned with Marxism and socialism. Betrayal will arise among the ungodly causing them to turn the sword upon one another. The sheets are being pulled back, the curtains opened, and the masks lifted off as the Lord of Hosts releases the Spirit of Truth to expose all evil agendas that have been done in secret!

Rejoice as God is pointing his finger into the very heart of the matter of man in this season to reset, reverse, and establish His way and His say across the earth!


Prophetic word spoken by Pastor Hank Kunneman June 25, 2023, Sunday 11:30AM Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE 

“Do you really believe,” says the Spirit of the Living God, “at this time that I, the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of angel armies, the Lord of war, shall lose a battle against defeated entities who think that they can take my America from me and from the remnant of those who stand at this time? For fear has dominated the minds of many, yet my spirit, the spirit of truth, speaks loudly and shall speak even louder as the Lion of Judah, Yeshua himself is poised at this time to establish the righteousness and justice of the Court of Heaven.

You say, ‘But what about the Supreme Court?’ Watch. There is shaking, there is a shifting and there is something unusual that will begin to take place among two upon the court. But it shall not be what you think. It shall not be what men would demise to stack a court. But it shall be me that shall bring exposure that shall hit the highest court of your land and the lower courts. And this that runs through your courts, the injustice, it’s not the way of your future for I, the God of righteousness and justice, have come at this time to restore order and justice in this land.

Therefore watch, watch the spirit of betrayal. You say, ‘But God, we have seen so much betrayal.’ You have seen it against the innocent but,” God says, “now watch among their own ranks, those who have stolen, those who seek to kill, and those who seek to destroy and to stop a generation of the young arising. And those who think that socialism and Marxism and communism shall be the way of this country. No. Do you understand that I have a say?

Therefore, betrayal shall arise, but this time it shall be among the ranks of the ungodly. Betrayal, the spirit of betrayal shall turn their sword upon one another because of emails, laptop evidence, pictures, and names that will be associated with great acts of evil and to that which has touched the very young. It is time now that the sheets are pulled back and the curtains are open and the masks are ripped off because I, the God of justice am roaring, and this is why I say to you as you go into this year, a Jewish New Year that is about to be upon you, but a new year, I speak in my timeline of events that you strengthen your bond with the Living God, that you may then stand with the grace and with an authority to bind and to loose and to be used as an instrument of war for me, my battle axe, my weapon of war,” says the Living God.

“And this is the time to call forth for the spirit of betrayal, to be released with the spirit of confusion in the enemy’s camp that ambushments will arise and those that you thought were against you shall suddenly turn to save their own name and future. For if they do not speak, if they do not betray, their own life will be brought in a way of justice that they fear. But I am the God that is pointing my finger into the very heart of the matter of man and the very heart of the matters that you think will never happen. Yet I say to you, this is my time now of my righteousness and my justice and the spirit of a betrayal shall lead to many. You know their names, you’ve seen their faces. Yet some shall say: we did this, we did that, this is what they did, this is what is the truth.

And there will come an exodus,” says the Spirit of God, “even among your networks, and it will seem strange when you see this one shall be removed and this one shall quit and this one shall go to another place. What is happening?” The Spirit of God says, “they cannot contend against the Spirit of Truth that is shoving his finger into the face of injustice.

Now, I speak and what I speak shall cause men to fear. An order to be established, that a divine reset and reversal shall come, not at the hands of the global elitist, so they call themselves. I laugh and I mock you. You call for a new world order, but you have left me out of the equation. I will reset it, I will reverse, and I will establish my way and my say in this day,” says the Living God.