Feb 27, 2024 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this strong prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on February 9, 2024, where the Spirit of God has made it known that now is His time to move and He is unsealing the things that have been hidden in the earth!

Watch as the Spirit of Truth prevails over the land revealing handshakes, money laundering, and evil secret deals that have been made behind closed doors. Be on guard as the enemy will attempt to spring an unexpected change, but God will cause a disruption that will bring a strange silence as a sign that the mouth of the wicked is being shut.

Even in the state of Colorado, the Spirit of the Lord has declared that there is a great reform coming by way of His hand to raise up the state to prominence once again!


Prophetic Word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman February 9, 2024 7:00PM MT FlashPoint LIVE
Location: Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs CO 

God says, do you think for a moment that this earth, that this nation, I speak to you United States, that you will be able to wipe me away from your present, or from your future, or from the history that shall arise? No! For I fashioned and formed this nation before it ever was a nation. I allowed the waters to reach so far on your coast and I determined the mountains and how high they would be and I determined this land that I would raise it up as a light and it would begin to shine throughout the earth and bring bread to the hungry and clothe the naked and be a light that would shine for the honor and the justice of my Son. And I have heard the prayers at this time of those who have prayed and those who have fasted and those who have repented.

And now I say it is my move, with those who will agree with my verdict that has gone out into the earth, that will begin to uncover that which has been hidden. I will begin to unseal, for who is worthy to open the seals? It is I! Do not tell me that I cannot reveal what is on laptops. That I can bring emails to the forefront, that I can show what has been done behind closed doors and handshakes and money laundering. I am in the process of this and there is that which will be brought forth then to those who are in the earth, and they will see that truth prevails. They will see what has been done in darkness that they will run to the light. They will run to truth.

And it will not matter what they try, it will not matter what they think they can get by with because there will be those who will arise at this time and say, ‘We now know the truth, we have the truth.’ And it will cause men to fear. Some will take their own lives, and some will run for cover, but they cannot hide for this day is mine, says the living God. It is my vengeance, and I will take it and I have taken it.

Now watch what begins to take place as they begin to spring something upon you, a spring fling, a spring change. But God says no matter what they do to change, I will stand. For I will not change in what has been prayed, what has been decreed from the court of heaven, and it shall come, and it will shake this earth. It will shake this country and you will see something unusual arise, very unusual, that will hit your communications and, God says, I will cause this to be something that will cause men to sit back for a moment and say what is this? There will be a strange silence, but God says, I will be in the silence for it is my hand that is moving at this time.

And know this, those of you that stand in this place, even Colorado, let me make a play on words, says the living God, I speak to you about Colora-dough, dough meaning money for there has been much that has been by the hands of money, by the hands of money laundering, by the hands of handshakes and deals that have not been according to that which men have desired and what they voted for in your state but it has been planned by Colora-dough, money. False money, corruption. But I say I change your name and I speak over you as I do America, for you call yourself America, I say United States. You say Colora-dough, I say Colora-do for you will do my will and you will do what I’ve asked, and you will do the things that I have desired to raise you up once again.

And I will cause the new to arise as I take away the old for a great reform shall arise and men shall say, ‘I remember Colora-dough. I remember those days but now we are Colora- do where we stand for justice, we stand for what is right.’ And that which has been legislated that you thought would begin to be passed down upon other states, and would be a precedent and would be a protocol for others, God says, I will overturn as I did the tables in the Temple, your legislation, for I will rename you Colora-do and there is a great reform that is coming to you, but also this country, says the living God.