PROPHECY: The Hand of God is Countering Against the Woke Agenda with a Great Awakening!

May 5, 2022 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this encouraging prophetic word by Pastor Hank on April 24, 2022 where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that there will be a countering against the woke agenda where woke has once dominated, it will be brought down and replaced by an awakening unto truth, righteousness, morality, godly wisdom, and common sense!

Watch as gas prices go down, inflation decreases, new networks arise, physical healing miracles increase, and God raises up the U.S. economy as a sign of an outpouring of His presence countering the agenda of hell!

There is something that is happening at this moment. That is going out into the spirit, over this nation of the nations of the Earth, these are not just instruments of music that you hear says the spirit of God. But this is instruments of battle. Releasing sounds, doing things in the unseen realm that will be seen into the natural. For the sounds that are being carried now from these instruments of battle are breaking and destroying the bands of wickedness that have been upon your land. There has been bands of wickedness upon the mindsets of the people. Spirits of fear, pride, lying spirits. Their power and their influence is being broken and the curse imposed by those who operate in divination are coming back upon their own heads.

Therefore, watch great shakings not only of the Earth’s soil but great Shakings to those who have opposed and stood with an agenda to steal, kill, and destroy. They will be brought down. For I say in this time, listen very carefully. When the enemy rises up, like a flood, I, the spirit of the living God, raises up a standard, or I raise up a countering or opposition. When it was dark in the days of creation, when the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. My spirit was moving. And I moved got the decree of let there be light. For light was the countering of the darkness. And so I speak this, because they have tried to shove a woke agenda, but there shall be a countering against it. And there shall be for woke, there shall be an awakening unto truth, an awakening unto righteousness, and awakening unto morality, awakening unto that which is according to truth, knowledge, wisdom, and common sense.

Your gas prices have risen, yet I shall counter it. How shall I do this? Says the Lord. I will do it by the Spirit releasing a countering oil called the anointing of My Spirit. That shall break the spirits of darkness and those who’ve cooperated to try to bring your economy down and to steal the future from your children and to steal from your financial well-being. And as I release my anointing that destroys this yoke. Watch the gas prices will go down, down, down, down, down. Inflation shall not be the thing of your present or your future. As my hand continues to adjust and give this nation the greatest economy in the history of your nation. It is coming and it’s coming very fast.

For they will seek, they will seek to bring about another, what they say will be another variant, and even something beyond by way of sickness. The Spirit of the Lord says, do not make me laugh. For I say in this time. For what they have desired to do and what they have done concerning sickness to create viruses and diseases, to steal, kill, and destroy. I will counter it and bring forth a healing movement, and it shall not just manifest in the natural realm. We will be seeing within the houses of worship, but it will be seen in your homes, in your workplaces, on the streets, in the schools, many, many, many, many, many, many physical healings that even the cameras of the media will report it. But that’s not all that I shall do to counter, God says I will raise up my healing of the nation and the nations. I will bring a unity and a unification with the celebration because people will say, we were lied to. We believed things that you said were true, but they were false that were coming from the airwaves. And God says as lies, after lies, after lies get revealed, watch how the nation shall unify, and they shall say, we did not agree but we agree now, and we stand for the truth that is revealed.

Thank you, Lord. The countering of your hand, the countering of your spirit. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.

Even for that, which they’ve tried to do to the children God is going to counter it, as he said already. Their agenda? They’ll go broke. For there is a network. There was a strongman of many handshakes and deals underneath the table to steal your election and to convince you that it wasn’t. They carried lies of collusion. Hoax after hoax, narrative after narrative and God says, do you think that I will allow them to have a voice? For there will be a greater shaking. And they will do everything they can to keep themselves on the air. But they will be sold. And new networks will arise that will carry the voice of truth. And I say this, many of the networks, the magazines that have carried the spirit of the liar, the accuser. They will be no more. And God says some will disappear. And some shall stay around. But only the deceived, the very few shall hold on to them. And they will not be able to compete against the opposition, the opposing media outlets, entertainment, animation, movies, television standards, and censorship of morality that will begin to manifest and stand in the land of America. Lift up your hands to God, Father. We say let it be done. According to thy word.