Jan 5, 2024 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

There’s a governmental shift coming to the earth from the courts of heaven as the LORD has taken into account the prayers of His remnant. The Righteous Judge is releasing the verdict of a season of divine rest for His people!

Check out the powerful, prophetic word that was released on December 31, 2023, during the New Year’s Eve service by Pastor Hank Kunneman. In this prophecy, the Spirit of the Lord declares that 2024 will be marked by great acceleration and great change that are coming into the earth that will affect and shake those in leadership who thought their evil agendas would prevail. God is interrupting, disrupting, and canceling the plans of the enemy to reset the earth according to His satisfaction!

Key events/areas to pay attention to in 2024:

  • Estonia
  • Iran
  • The Vatican/The Pope
  • A Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Media Networks
  • Dark Clouds in the headlines
  • The Royal Family/The U.K.
  • Unsealings

Much will be done in the first 5 months of 2024 to try to deceive men, but remain steadfast in the promises of God and His goodness. We are now in a change in seasons and the downpour of Justice is about to begin!

If you missed the New Year’s Eve service with Pastor Hank’s prophecy about 2024, you can watch here:


Prophetic Word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman December 31, 2023 7:00PM New Years Eve Livestream
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

“2024, you have entered into a new time now. So it would be upon your calendar. Pay attention,” says the Spirit of God, “to 24. Because this is a governmental year and it’s not just a governmental year concerning politics, but it is a governmental year concerning the court of heaven and My court, My justice, My righteousness that has come into the earth in 2024 and seated with Me in the court of heaven are the 24 elders of the Lamb. And they sit here this year of 24 because of the governmental shift that is coming to the earth that will affect nations’ leaders, politics, legislation, justice, and judges. For the 24 elders have held the prayers of a remnant people in their hands. And the eternal advocate, Yeshua has stood amongst the 24 elders gathering the prayers of you who have prayed. Therefore, we have reached a verdict and this, that we have reached this verdict, shall be the entering in of the rest that I have said to you. I will rest My case. Therefore, I will involve Myself with your politics. I will involve Myself and there will be a scattering, there will be a gathering.

“There will be changes that are different than what you see now. And they will say, this is what represents us. And” God says, “I will disrupt, I will interrupt and I will disappoint, but I will reach my satisfaction. Because even now, pray, pray. Pray,” says the Spirit of God. “For there are those who have sought in times past to bring about hostility, harassment, harshness, to think that they can bring about a stealing of your freedoms. They gather now and they know that they’re losing grip, they’re losing power, they’re losing their way. And” God says, “they gather and say, ‘What must we do now? It’s not working.’

“They will seek to bring civil unrest to the cities upon this nation, United States, and they will seek to cause chaos to happen. You must pray. And they seek to allow those who have come into this country to wound you and to bring this nation into a time of war. That the God, the invincible one, the King of Glory steps in at this time. And there will be wars and rumors thereof and there will be fires that will arise here and there. But do you think that this will stop the verdict that has been declared, and now decreed in the earth by the great God, the elders, and the eternal advocate?

“Do you think that this is the end of all things I say to you? Listen, I said I would give the harvest to My Son; the greatest harvest. And I said that I would give a generation to the children at this time, not of the season that you have seen, and you have been a part of. So listen carefully as Yahweh in the earth with His finger wrote in the sands, they put down the rocks, they ran in fear. The verdict of the court of heaven comes now. And Yeshua writes again. And this time it is written in decrees that you’ll see volcanoes, the Vatican, vacancies, verdicts, vindication, victories, and vendetta. What does this mean? My justice will rule at this time. And because My justice is in the earth, pay attention to judges who have thought that they could legislate according to briberies. Oh yes, I will expose that there has been shaking of hands behind the scenes. Therefore pay attention as I involve Myself. Now as the verdict is written across the things that will take place in this governmental year, I will reset. I’ll remove, I’ll reverse, and I will require that the guilty be brought to justice.

“Pay attention. There will be many signs and I will smoke it out in Iran. I will expose it from the soil of Syria and I will shake it in Estonia and I will call it forth from Ukraine. And I’ll show the earth how there has been a plotting, a planning, a strategy, a working together of evil. But,” God says, “there has been a countering that I will reveal and I will show for the one who all of heaven looks to and says, ‘Who is worthy to open the seals?’ The Lord, eternal God. He stands in this governmental year and it shall be known as the day of reckoning. And it shall be known as the time of unsealing things in deep places, hidden places. Some have gone on and they are no more but their names. Their names will be brought to a place of guilt. And there are those who are alive, who are trembling at this time because they know who they are and what they have done. They cannot hide. Neither can they run, but some will take their own life because the time of reckoning, and the time of unsealing is upon the earth now.

“And what they’ve done to the children demands justice. What is this, you will say, with the pope? What is this with a chief justice? What is this with the loud and the boisterous? Why are they shaken? And their networks? Those who have reported and knew that they were reporting falsely. Watch and see, but there will be signs that this is a change of season. Now as ominous, dark clouds will gather across the earth and men will say, ‘What is this? We’ve not seen it like this. The heights, the depths, the width, the darkness of these clouds’.” And God says, “It’s to show that the season is changing, and the downpours of rain shall be great.

“United Kingdom. You have held men and you held women as queens, as prince, and of royalty. Yet what has been done has been secret, dirty, and has crossed the line. United Kingdom, your day of reckoning is coming to show you that you don’t have the royalty you think you do. And there shall be an eruption, a great eruption in the earth. Pay attention; a great, great eruption. Pay attention, it is not just a natural eruption. This is the earth vomiting.

“And so I will shake you Vatican, and I will show you that you cannot hide behind a cloth that is filthy. Even now they mock the God of Israel. They mock the God of the whole earth. They mock the God of you, United States, and they laugh at you. Yet I shall not be mocked,” sayeth the Lord. “And what men have sowed they shall surely reap. Much will be done in the first five months of your year to spin it out of control, to bring confusion, to bring lies, to convince men they are sick, to convince men that hostility is the way. Yet pay attention, as spring comes so shall a great wind arise and a shifting will begin to take place that will accelerate you through your summer months and bring a preservation over this land that what they seek to do, I will frustrate their purpose.”