May 3, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on April 23, 2023, where the Spirit of God has declared that we are entering into a season where He is bringing great peace over the nations of the earth through a divine reset, to bring things into alignment with what He has promised in this new era! 

Be encouraged as the Living God is overturning and abolishing hell’s agenda so that it will be no more, and we will look back and say “I remember the days!” 


Prophetic Word spoken by Pastor Hank Kunneman April 23, 2023 Sunday 9:00AM Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE 

And I pray that the people, their eyes would be open, and their spirits will be stirred to know and understand that this is the time that we’re in now where your goodness is passing by, your goodness is passing before us. And what this means is there will be a false flag of things that will appear, and it’ll appear as though it is going wrong and that it’s going towards the way of a war without hope, without an answer, that will bring fear that’ll grip the hearts of many. Yet God, you say, “Nay, do not believe the things that they want you to believe through your spring and summer months. But know that the goodness of God is resetting not only your day, your months, this year; and there is that which will suddenly bust forth. And there will be that which you will say, why didn’t it bust forth?

“But it shall be the natural progression of how you come together in unity to select and to choose that I will place what I have called and what I have never changed my mind about – a deliverer that was raised up and still raised up and shall lead this nation into what I have declared; and it shall be greater and this shall spill out upon the nations of the earth. And a great restraint shall be upon kings and their nations. And for a season there shall be peace. For a season there shall be an end to certain wars and for a season there will be such a reset that you will not even be able to call certain things by their names, because either their names will be removed because they will be removed, or the very things that they represented, that they stood for even in your media, shall be no more or renamed; and it shall fall in your place of Hollywood, and it shall fall in the place even of entertainment.

“I will bring about name changes. Why? Because I will change their identity of what they have stood for before, as I changed Saul to Paul and Abram to Abraham, I will do a change that will be so obvious that my goodness has passed, that what you called something before will suddenly change to represent the new era that shall be given to you and to your children. And you will say from your mouths, I remember the days when; and you will speak of when there were shootings at the level that they are now, that they are not in the days that shall be. You’ll speak of a time when men were allowed in women’s sports and you’ll say, I remember those days, but it will not be your present days or the days of the future. You will say, I remember days when they would go into our bathrooms, and they were not of the sexes of that which they went into.” God says, “There will come legislation that shall change it, restrict it and throw it out.

“You’ll say, I remember the days when they had a pill that would abort the child and places that funded abortion,” God says, “Listen to me. You have seen what has been overturned. But I say the word that I have in my goodness, and it shall be over universities, it shall be over things that have manifested in the culture you call woke; it is an awakening, and my word that I will speak is abolish. Watch how I abolish where it will be no more, then a generation will rise and they will only say, I remember. Why shall they say they remember? Because my hand overturned it, and I abolished it, where it shall not be anymore,” says the Living God.