Jan 31, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this powerful prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on January 22, 2023, where the Spirit of the Lord has declared that things that have been hidden and concealed are coming to the light! Watch for signs among the elements and the insects of the earth by the hand of God as a sign that the media, social media, and governments will be shaken violently! Resignations and regime changes will continue across the earth as the King of Kings raises up new leaders who will do right by the people they lead; releasing an expression of global freedom.

God has declared that this is the time of choosing: What are you choosing to speak? Whose report will you choose to believe? And how will you choose to act? Choose this day to come into agreement with the words of the prophets and stand unified, loving one another within the body of Christ! Watch as divine freedom and liberty continue to rise throughout this year and into 2024. 


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman January 22, 2023 11:30AM Sunday Worship Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE


No Pause in God’s Moving / Hidden things brought to Light: Investigations & Evidence:
Things have been at a pause in the earth and over this nation, so it would seem; and many have stood waiting, standing still like what was declared unto the people of Israel as they stood at the place of the Red Sea with an enemy, who looked like was prevailing. And yet the word of the Lord declared, stand still, pause and see the salvation of your God. I say to you, there is not a pause concerning the work of my hand and my intervention that is moving and doing and working at this time. Therefore, pay attention, for you will see many things that will take place in the coming months that will show that there is not a pause, but there are in fact hidden things coming to the light. Investigations, evidence, things that they thought were concealed, in this moment that I have pulled the curtain, I have pulled back the covers. There are things that shall be seen and known.

Explosion / Fire / Smoke / Waters / Oil / Hidden things Come to the Surface:
There shall be an explosion. There shall be fire. Smoke shall fill the air and there shall be a shaking; and then there shall be, what is this that comes up from the waters? And some will look and there shall be oil. What is this that has happened? The Lord says the secret things, the hidden things are coming to the surface. For I gave authority when I created the earth to things in the air, the fowls of the air, the beast of the field and the things that are under the earth and I even gave authority to the things that creepeth upon the earth. And there has been much that has been creeping, much that has been evil creeping, lurking.

Insects Swarm & Die / God’s Power Shown in Signs / Hope for the Future:
Therefore, pay attention to the insects. What is this with the mosquito, the locusts, the flies? Is this an invasion? An infestation? But they shall fall. They shall fall and they shall be in swarms, but they shall die. Why is this to happen? Because I am explaining that you are in not the time of pausing. You are in the time that I am showing my power and giving many signs that I will reveal and are being revealed, that there is an expected end. There is hope for your future. And there are things that are beginning to be reset by the power of my hand. And nay, it shall not be at those who say that it shall be their reset of a world order. No, this is my earth, and I will have my say.

Government Stable? / Earth Shake, Smoke, Winds – Nation & Earth Reset / Media & Social Media
Watch very closely. Do you think that your Senate, do you think your Congress, do you think your House called White and your Court that you call Supreme are stable? Do you think that it shall remain as it is? Yet I say nay. As the earth shakes, the eruptions continue, the clouds be filled with smoke and they shall twist in rage through the winds. Yet in the spirit that shall reset this nation and the earth will be violent. Therefore, watch your media, social media. Watch your governments even in state levels and local levels, they will be shaken. Look to your House called White. Look to your Congress. Look to your Senate. I will shake it violently.


Resignations, Regime Changes / America Must Lead / Peru / Brazil / New Zealand & Australia / Europe / 2 Countries Shaken / Global Freedom / Communism & Socialism Fall
And God says, look to the nations of the earth and behold; what will you see? You will see, as I’ve said, resignations, regime changes. Why is this happening? Because, America, you must lead, therefore it shall come to you. Keep your eyes upon Peru. Keep your eyes upon Brazil. Keep your eyes upon New Zealand and Australia and what is this that shall arise in Europe that shall shake two countries and they will say, what do we do now? Who shall lead us? God says, you have come to a place where you have put too much trust in man, but I will raise up and am raising up in my reset those who shall do right by the people they lead, and they shall bring the expression of global freedom. For there were walls that fell in the days of a man called Ronald Reagan, and so there shall be walls that will fall today that have been in the form of thievery, treason, fraud. But also, a word of a spirit that has held nations, countries for ages called communism, socialism. It is going to fall in a way that you could only imagine in the earth, says the Lord.

God’s Reset / No Pause / Freedom Arise / 2024 A Lot in Store, A Lot Reset & Resetting:
Because this is about my reset. There is no pause with my hand. Watch the freedom that shall arise, and you will see signs of it this year that shall build and grow. ’24, a lot in store, a lot reset and resetting, says the Living God.

An Awe in the Earth / Kings before the Earth / Unity & Love in the Body of Christ – What will the People Decide?
The earth will be brought into awe, and some will say, ‘Aw? I never thought this was true. Aw? I never thought this would happen.’ Because you do not know the God of awe and wonder. This is the time. This is the time that kings are being brought before the earth. And this is the time, what will the people decide? God watches. What are you speaking? What are you saying? Are you lifting your finger against your brother? God is watching. It’s the day of separation. Whose side are you on? Do you love His body? Do you love unity among the saints? Let the people decide. I am watching, He says, to see who they shall become. Will they walk in love, forgiveness? Will they walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lusts of your flesh? Will you fear God and love one another that the world may know, not because you hate one another and you fight with one another, but because you love one another the world will know that you are the followers of God.