Aug 9, 2023 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this encouraging prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on July 30, 2023, where it has been declared that there is a shift taking place that is moving the heavens and shaking the earth like never before! 

The enemy has masqueraded and deceived causing many to fall into fear, but the Spirit of Truth is shaking everything that can be shaken to expose and reveal the diabolical deeds that have taken place by way of this evil agenda.

Watch as the Spirit of the Lord is giving a sign to show that He is opening up a window of grace in this time to bring about a restoration for what has been stolen from you, the children, and this nation over the past years!

Continue to rehearse the goodness of God and as the hands of Moses were lifted at the Red Sea, lift your hands in worship as a prophetic act to reaffirm that God is delivering you from the hands of your enemy just as He delivered the Israelites from Pharoah’s army! 


Prophetic Word spoken by Pastor Hank Kunneman July 30, 2023, Sunday 9:00AM Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

“There have been many things,” says the Spirit of God, “that have been a snare unto the people of the earth at this time; and there has been even the media censorship, cancellation that has been a snare unto the voice of truth, unto the spirit of truth. Yet do you think that this will stop Me to have my way and my day,” says the Spirit of God?

“For watch, I say to you, why do you fear? Do you think that I fear the very words of men? Do you think that I fear the weaponry of the nations? Do you think that I fear even the day of those who prognosticate and say that this land is finished, that the earth belongs to the enemy? No, it is mine and it is my time,” says the living God. “You have seen what corruption looks like. You have seen what perversion, wickedness, and chaos, what it looks like. Yet I say to you, there is a shift that is taking place and it is moving in the heavens and it shall shake this earth in a way that you have not seen it shaken before.

Therefore, pay attention for they have masqueraded making you think that things are a certain way and they have masqueraded themselves making you think they are who they say they are.” But God says, “I am coming not only to shake, but to expose and to reveal at the time of my justice. Therefore, I will give the earth a sign of what I speak of at this time. For what has been, shall be again in the window of grace that is open and shall be open to bring about a restoration and I will restore the years that have been stolen from you.”

And God says, “I will give you something easy to remember as you close out this year. As the Jewish New Year is about to arise and you enter into a new calendar year, this shall be the work of My hands, I shall restore in ’24. I will bring about the things that you have prayed and the things that you have desired, for there has been too much lies and too much counterfeit. Therefore, I will bring about one, a man who will stand again strong and I will bring, listen to me now: as the Son of God spoke from the Cross and He said, behold look. And He spoke to a woman, His mother. I say to you that this is the hour that the earth will behold the woman, will behold the mother. You say, ‘Why is this?’ Because there has been that which has come to try to redefine what a woman is, that I have created, and redefine the role of womanhood and of a mother. Yet I say to you, I will counter what they have thought that their definition would stand in this time.

And here’s how I’ll do it,” says the Lord. “It will be as in the days of Debra when one arose as a mother. Pay attention. My hand is upon one and she shall carry my will and my agenda that shall help to heal the discord, the division, and rescue the children at this time,” says the Living God, “pay attention.

Lift up your hands, as you lift up your hands today not only is there a divine shifting that is taking place across the earth,” says the Living God, “but as Moses’ hands were lifted in the day of battle.

Do not think it is a light thing that your hands being lifted now is just something that you are doing in the natural.” God says, “If I was to open your eyes and some even now, you are seeing that it is affecting the spirit realm. It is affecting realms beyond your own human understanding or knowledge.” But God says, “Listen, as your hands are being lifted today, there is a shifting that is taking place in the spirit realm and there are certain battles that you have faced in your nation.

Yes, I speak even of laptops, I speak of emails, I speak of blackmailing. I speak of that which has been injustice and that which has gone through the courts.” God says, “As your hands are being lifted do you understand that this is the moment that there is a shift that will begin to be seen? Because I will show you, as I’ve said, you have seen enough evil and now you will see my goodness pass before the earth at this time!”