Mar 20, 2024 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Check out this extremely profound prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman on March 17, 2024, where the Spirit of God has decreed that this is the beginning of the end of His season, the Great Fall, in the earth.

This prophecy is a pronouncement by God of a divine reset that is in progress and the signs in the natural are accelerating as confirmation that what God has promised is taking effect! The Righteous Judge is carrying out His justice against the agenda of hell and nothing will stop Him.

The elements of the earth are responding in what would look like chaos, but it is the presence of the Spirit of Truth shaking all that can be shaken in the land. There is no level of influence, power, money, marketing, or manipulation that can outmaneuver the Great I Am!

Rejoice and continue to press in as God has revealed that those who have withstood the test of the times and the trial by fire will be rewarded with a Golden Era where wickedness and evil will be abated for a time, and we will enter into a season of divine rest!


Prophetic Word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman March 17, 2024 11:30 AM Service
Location: Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha NE

Men shall look to the seasons of the earth. As the spring rains come, the floodwaters rise, and tornadic winds begin to blow across the earth in this nation. And as summer heat rises but does not compete against the spring wind of heat, and yet early the leaves fall in the time of summer. What does this mean? Has fall arrived? Is it an early fall? God says these are but signs in the natural of that which has come now; it is the beginning of the end of my season that I have pronounced upon the earth at this time. For it is my season of the great fall. It is my season of the divine reset and unraveling and reversals that shall come now upon this planet.

But to you, United States, because of the injustice and because of the things that have been done in dark places, now I shall expose it at a level that you have said would not happen, but it shall. For, God says, there will be very, very strange things that will begin to happen. The grids, they shall say these are but flares that come from the sun, but my hands shall restrain what they shall seek to do from across your seas, from the place of the land of the east, to let it be that which would cause there to be confusion and communication and hacking to disrupt, to bring things in disarray into chaos, delay, and even a stalling of the things that have been planned even for your country, United States.

But I stand in the midst of it, and I say, this is now what I have allowed. And it shall be what I shall say I have allowed. But now I have said, enough; and I have stood up and I have been seated in my throne of righteousness and justice. But now I stand because there have been those who have been persecuted, those who have been martyred, even those who have been greatly persecuted. And there have been lies that have been perpetrated by very high offices of the land and places of government in the earth. And it demands now that my Spirit of truth comes and begins to shake at a level that only you can imagine.

So pay attention to the earth’s soil. Pay attention to the mountains that blow their top. Pay attention to the strange and unusual winds that will arise. What is this? Is this but chaos? The Spirit of God says these in the natural just mark my season now of the beginning of the end of what I have declared the great fall. And then there shall come a great celebration that this earth will behold. What it looks like when the earth, when the nations are filled with glory, says the living God.

There will come a time, they’ve been hiding deaths that have already happened and they have masqueraded, they have concealed, so they think, and others have played the part and have played the fool. Yet you are not fooling me, says the living God, nor have you fooled me. Therefore, I will show the earth, that which you have tried to conceal will be revealed. That which you have tried to keep alive that is dead, I will show that it has given up its breath and its influence shall not live on for another generation. Fools will have their day, but the wise shall have their justice. There will be a cry in the earth. Where have they gone? What has become of them? And the earth will I pause for a moment, and I will reveal, I will show that even though you lie, you cannot resist my light and my truth that comes at this time. For they will fake many things and they have faked many things that men don’t know what is true, what is real and what is false. But you will know that I am the Lord God who is truthful, just, righteous, and real. Because men will see that no matter how much influence, power, money, networking, marketing, manipulating, they cannot outmaneuver me. I will get my honor. My Son shall be glorified, and the children shall be free.

In the golden age that is about to come in your money, in your leadership, and in the new era. You have been tried by fire and now you shall be presented, and you will stand in an era of gold; and gold shall be of great value and gold will be honored, I speak even in the natural because it shall reflect the time in the season now that you are in of a new era, a new season, but a golden era where the power of wickedness and evil shall be abated and held back at the level that you have seen it for just a season that men shall breathe easy once again, and an awakening shall arise, that many will turn to my Son. That will lead to many righteous acts that shall take place in your government, your schools, legislation, [and] through your media; and there will come a great, great change and the internet that you know today shall not be the internet of your tomorrow.