Prophecy: Strange Sights, Record-Breaking Snow, Turning of Events in the Media and Schools

Dec 4, 2021 | Pastor Brenda Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman on November 10, 2021 at the Fresh Fire Conference in Nashville, TN concerning strange sights in the heavenlies, a cutting off of evildoers, and a turning of events in the news media outlets and education system! Continue to stand in agreement with the word of the Lord as He continues to fulfill His promises one by one!


Prophetic Word: Pastor Hank Kunneman November 10, 2021 7:00PM Friday Service
Location: Kent Christmas Fresh Fire Conference
Nashville, TN ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For this is the time and this is the hour says the Living God that there shall be many strange sights that shall fill the skies, but also the airways and some shall be gripped with fear when these sites shall begin to be displayed in the heavenlies. But also things that shall be reported, yes they will be reported upon the news and there will be those that will say what is this, what meaneth this? For God says, do you understand that there are two specific things that I am bringing forth there will be there will be. You say what will there be? There will be a cutting off of evildoers and their work and their corruption, says the Lord.

There will be a turning of events. Pay attention as things shall swiftly turn. You say, ‘What shall begin to turn?’ God says the news, they will begin to turn as some shall have a dismantling and what would seem like internal confusion and conflict as there shall be a turning upon one another in the news media and in the places that have been perpetrating lies for God says there is the spirit of truth there is conviction that is riding and moving upon the earth and there are some that shall stand up at the expense of their job, their reputation and they will say we can no longer no matter how much we are paid and what we are told to continue to report to say and to act like this.

God says it will turn. It will shift as they begin to come, and they will begin to turn their finger and say we will not say that anymore. Watch what will begin to take place for they will come, and they will say you have this amount of hours, you have this amount of days and they will push legislation and say we are mandating it and they will ignore the courts, they will ignore those who are standing against what they will say are political laws of mandates. God says, they will begin to turn. They will begin to shift, and God says they will be ripped in two as the freedom that has held this nation together for over 200 years shall be the future of not only for you but for your children says the living god.

And you will see, you will see with your eyes for there will be, watch, the day you watch, the month that it shall take place that there will be an unusual snowstorm that will blanket this nation. Pay attention to the cities to the states for they will say this is an unusual snow and they will say this is record breaking. This is like what we have not seen before, and the Lord says because I am not done cleansing, I am not done dealing with wickedness in high places and it shall mark a shift that will and is continuing to take place upon this land. For you will see the salvation of your God.

Keep your eyes upon the schools for they will force and mandate things that will bring a tremendous fear. But God says, look very closely for you will see masses as they will gather across the United States and even the nations of the earth, they will say we will not go for these mandates and God says the numbers will begin to arise in the hundreds of thousands and then the millions will gather and there will be great masses and great numbers of those who will push back. And this pushback will bring a ‘put it back’ and it will happen in the schools, as parents will arise, that there will even be closings of certain schools because of parents pulling their children out and they’ll say, ‘We cannot do this, we must reopen the schools’ we must reopen discussion concerning vaccination even among the young. And God says, what they speak of today shall fall apart and be torn apart and placed under foot tomorrow.

Do not think that this is the new norm, do not think that this is always the way that things shall be. For I speak to you that there is an hour coming and it’s coming fast of My reset, My reversal, and My rebirthing that is taking place in the nation.