Prophecy: Spoils of War

Apr 29, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Read this prophetic word released on April 18, 2021 regarding spoils of war.

Prophecy: Hank Kunneman, April 18, 2021

This is the moment says the Spirit of the Living God that the Lion of Judah has waited for this season of your spring and your summer, the fall, to begin to pounce upon that which has thought it could steal kill and destroy not only the people of God, but a nation. But God says, do you understand that hell is afraid and shaking at this moment? And so there shall be that which hell shall try to do, to have a last stand; to bring intimidation, confusion, and fear.

So, China shall raise up its voice. Shall flex the shoulders and shall breathe fire to this nation to intimidate even upon the area of Taiwan. But do not be afraid as it looks as though the nation is going backwards as hailstones fall with fury and tornadic activity seems to increase. This is not My judgment, nor is it the work of My hands. The watchman must arise at this time, says the Spirit of God, and pray for your territory. Pray for your region. Pray for the states of this nation as the enemy seeks to bring what shall be great fury and intimidation because he knows that the Lord God of the Heavens laughs.

I have promised and so I speak to you at this time, that great spoil shall be given back to this nation as great changes shall begin to be brought before your eyes and those who have lead in a past season, some have been removed, some shall be removed, others shall be brought to a place of justice and new faces shall arise in your land, and I will give back to you your house that you call White House. But God says it shall be a light house and it shall be new. Do not hold on to the expectation of what used to be, for there is a new expression that shall come forth out of your light house. There shall be a new Supreme Court. There will be new Congress and Senate, because this is part of the spoils of war.

For you are at war, says the Lord, against ancient forces that desire to steal your nation but you are at war with the Red Dragon and those who have cooperated. So, I will give spoil back. And God says, yes, the spoil shall include currency, it shall include wealth, it shall include a revaluing of currency that there will be those who will be immediately empowered with wealth to finance the Great Harvest. Are you ready for the new? Are you ready for the changes? Are you ready for the spoils of what you thought this nation was going backwards? You thought that I gave it into the hands of the enemy because the people did not pray. They have prayed, they have fasted, I have listened and now I have answered. And I will reward you says the Lord, but it will not come without My vengeance against the enemy so prepare yourself, your children, the schools, the universities, the courts, the government, the internet, medical; for they have tried to force upon you mandatory things. But God says it’s because hell shakes that that which they say mandatory regarding vaccinations shall become a liberty that shall begin to touch the medical industry of this nation and there will be other things that have already been discovered that will eradicate sicknesses of the past to make way for healing of the future that diseases that they said would take you out shall not exist. Do you understand what is coming? As the spoils of this battle, of this day, for a new era is upon you says the living God. Prepare, I am about to pounce, says the Lion of Judah!