Prophecy: Special Passover Season

Feb 24, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

Watch this prophecy released on February 21, 2021 regarding a time of celebration and a special Passover season.

Do not be confused, says the Spirit of the living God. With what man has said regarding calendar dates, prognostications, discussions, pointing the finger and saying, this is when this and that shall take place. Yet I am the God at this time who has chosen not to look at what man is discussing. Not because I have withdrawn my hand from this nation at this time, but rather I have chosen my event. I have been celebrating. The hosts are celebrating, so I speak to those in the sound of that which I speak.

Listen, this is a time of celebration. It is not a time that you would think, or to think that I have forsaken this nation or withdrawn my hand. For I have chosen an event and this Passover season shall be one that shall be special, this Passover season shall be one that shall bring deliverance. This Passover season shall be one that I shall show my might and my power to a nation and to the nations of the earth. This Passover season, I will show the earth that they are not in charge. I will show this nation that I am the Lord God that has placed my feet and placed my hands even upon the house that you still call white. I have not forsaken this nation and I have chosen in my event to bring a reversal. I have chosen in my event, God says to bring a divine appointment. That is my justice, my righteousness, my liberty, and my judgment that shall bring the truth to light, says the living God.

Come on, lift up your hands. There shall be a reset. Of my hand upon this land. And yet some have mocked. Some have ridiculed the prophets, others have chosen to give up. Why do you give up so easily? When you look at things in the natural or by what you hear within your news. God says, be of good cheer. I have come, I shall show this nation. That you cannot push me out. And that they shall not legislate against my choosing. You say, but they already have and they are. I have turned over tables in the temple and I cleaned house. I will do it again. And your children shall rejoice, says the Lord. This nation shall rejoice. And there will be those who look on him on the nations, and they will say, look at what the Lord has done. You shall see it, for I have come to bring salvation and deliverance unto this land, says the living God. Come on.