Prophecy: Shock and Awe, Betrayals, Do Not Fear

Dec 3, 2020 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

This prophecy was given on December 1, 2020. God’s hands are moving and God’s fists shall smack down over what the enemy has sought. Be encouraged!

God says, do you hear the sound of the wind? Look in the days that are going to come, there will be an unusual sign that I will bring in various places across the nation, this nation the United States. For there shall be tremors, yes the ground and the soil shall shake. And I will do this, that it will be the sound of my feet. But listen closely, for my hands are moving and my fists shall smackdown, as I have said before, over that which is taking place and that which the enemy has sought that he thinks that he can gain the upper hand. But with it and the cracking down of my fist shall be the wind, for I’m holding the wind in my fists. And you will see it in the natural. There shall be a wind that shall begin to blow in various places, and it shall be an unusual thing, and it shall even be reported says the Lord. But in this wind is the wind of change. Do you see the weather vein pointing in a new direction for this nation?

No, says the spirit of the Lord, it is not in the direction of going backwards. It is a direction of a new era and with this new era, listen carefully, I am about to bring what you have declared tonight it shall be known as a shock and an awe. Yes, that’s what I said says the Lord. I will shock you and you will be in awe. For did I not say in the days of pharaoh’s pursuit? I will get my honor concerning pharaoh, his horsemen, his chariots, and so I shall once again get my honor, my glory in that which shall take place in this time.

So look closely. There shall come a great betrayal. And it will not just be one betrayal, but there shall come many betrayals. Because my hand is extending towards this nation in great grace, great power, but great fear shall fall upon this nation in the coming days. Therefore says the Spirit of Grace, the Spirit who carries power and the Spirit who shall bring forth great fear and conviction, do not pay attention to the news, to the headlines, to the reports, to the movements even of those who have said we have won. Do not pay attention even to the electoral calendar, the certification dates, or even to the inauguration date, for I am not paying attention to the dates of man’s calendar. I am choosing my event, I have chosen my act, and you will see it says the Lord. And it will be in my perfect timing, therefore stay firm, stay strong, and fear not. You will see my hand and my wind and my fists and you will hear the movement of my feet as I shake, shake, shake, and expose and bring to justice those and that which must be held accountable in this time says the Lord.