Prophecy: Season of Acceleration, Great Change, New America

Jul 29, 2021 | Pastor Hank Kunneman, Prophetic Perspectives

This prophetic word was released by Pastor Hank Kunneman on July 17, 2021 regarding the season of acceleration, reversal, smoke screen, crashing of parties, great change, New America and more. Watch now.


Prophecy: Pastor Hank Kunneman, July 17, 2021 – Season of Acceleration, Great Change, New America

The Spirit of God is declaring that this is the season of acceleration. Let the acceleration, of what has appeared by the Lord’s hand, let it come quickly now we pray, into manifestation.

I see a vision of children dancing and they’re lifting arms and dancing in the streets of our nation. And my question to God is why are the children dancing? And He said this is the future that belongs to the children! I’m going to lift off the oppression that has been upon this land says the Living God. And I’m going to continue to expose fraud and I will restrain the hands of violence. Because this is a new season that has begun in the earth. Do you hear the sound of My feet that are walking upon this earth at this time. Do you hear the sound of My footsteps says the Living God that are and shall walk upon the soil of the United States? And I am inspecting those who are standing with Me and what I have said, and I am looking at those who have been speaking lies. God says, My spirit, the Spirit of Truth shall outweigh the lies for now is the time that not only My feet walk upon the soil, but My hands strike, strike, strike, says the Lord.

I have promised that I would not withhold My hand from this nation, why do you think that I would withdraw My hand at this time or that I have withdrawn My hand? This is My nation! But you say, but God do you not understand that the people have not prayed enough? Why do you set yourself to be the judge of that? The people have prayed, they have fasted and they continue, says the Living God, but this is also about the work of My hands and My agenda. Some have said I am taking way too long. The Lord says, I will take as long as I need. But it shall be in the end a swift work that you will see. For some will say it is a delayed time and has been too long, but when you see how everything is going to be shaken up and how there is coming a return and a reversal of things that have been upon your land, you will say, ‘God thank you that you’ve taken as long as you’ve needed.’

Therefore, do not be moved by the tears that will appear upon the screens. For God says, at first the tears and the one who sheds them shall be a smokescreen. For it shall be a lying attempt to convince and to deceive. Do not believe their words. Do not believe their report, for God says, after the tears there shall come one who has already spoken; one who has already confessed; one who has met in secret places with those in places of high authority that you know not of. And they have said this is what we have done. This is the plan to steal a nation and its election too, and it shall be known as a great betrayal. But I will do this to reveal the rats, the democrats and the demorats. I will even expose the rhinos. God says I’ll even expose those that have nothing to do with your politics by way of your parties, but they have been partying, rejoicing at what they did.

God says, have you ever heard of a party crasher? I’m about to crash both parties – Republican, Democrat – God says, I’m about to crash their parties. You know I’m going to crash it because they will not have what they thought they could get away with. Therefore, pay attention. Great change is in the air and if I would speak anything to you at this moment, says the Lord, I’d say hush. Too many of you are speaking wrong, you’re speaking fear. Some of you have let your foot off the gas, some of you have turned your face and decided to go backwards because you think it’s too long and too hard. But the Spirit of the Lord says, do you understand the season that you are in and what you are coming into? I have declared a new America! A new nation shall be unveiled says the Living God, and I will do it for your children!

One shall fall from their place, a visible sign. They will fall in front of the cameras, and they will fall, God says, from their seat. And some shall say this is but a medical condition. God says, do you remember the story of Eli? Who fell from his seat? God says, it’ll be My hand that does this. Quit agreeing with evil.

But can I humor you for a moment? I have said that I would be a positive irritant and I have been in history as they made the Philistines golden emerods as I irritated them in their hinder parts. God says, oh yeah, I’m doing the same but in an interesting way. I’m going to cause a lot of pain. God says not harm, but I’m going to bring pain, irritation.

Watch the same media that lied to you. They are going to be backed into a corner with things that are about to be revealed in great numbers. God says, look at My hand. I bring California before the nation. Watch what I will do in California as I will raise up a group of reformers who will say, we too want to show the proof. Keep your eye upon Arizona, because God says, see My finger? The domino falls. Keep your eye upon Wisconsin and Michigan, I will crack them and smack them together, and I will cause the Liberty Bell to ring loud in Pennsylvania. I will teach a lesson to the devil who thought he could go down to Georgia, and I’m going to show an interesting clue in New Hampshire, and I’m going to also unveil from the high place of Colorado, I’m going to bring it down and let you see something.

So get ready as these things begin to happen, says the Living God. The news, they’re going to say we want truth. Do even believe you’re hearing this? Watch, the first sign is they will say and begin the blame game. They’ll start pointing the finger at the very one they were lifting up and lying about and concealing their behavior. And they will demand truth to save their own hides, and they will say they want evidence regarding the virus. But then, God says, watch as they have to choke on that, they’re going to have to see election results smack them between their eyes.